With primary care knee OA management with nonpharmacological

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With primary care, knee OA management with nonpharmacological options such as exercise. Studies tells walking speed, functional behaviour and self-efficacy to reduce pain and clinic conditions risk was improved by exercise. OA levels suppress or retarded by the exercise therapy programs. Strength testing of muscles studies reviews that with knee OA ranging 24% to 44% there is mislaying of flexion strength and extension strength of knee.

b. EMG (electromyographic), muscle vibration, tremor, AMG.

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consider that the central nervous system outputs some values to muscles that may be rhythmic.

the foregoing recording investigations had few conflicts. This technology, attempts to resolve it by assigning the records which help in correlate rhythms and measure in tremor, muscle vibration and EMG activity while implementing of the index finger abduction. The rhythms recorded in three different ways for three different methods tremors was recorded by an accelerometer, EMG by surface electrodes and muscle vibration by heart-sound monitor during uncertain abducting of 1DI (first dorsal interosseous).

b. EMG (electromyographic), muscle vibration, tremor, AMG.

the experiment was participants whose age from 27 to 45-year-old. equipment and setup started by right index finger. the shrinking of 1DI was studied.

The arm was enabled in the form of elbow to metacarpophalangeal joints on ulnar to provide powerful abduction of muscle on other than the 1DI. The index finger abduction was constructed against elastic band attached to distal phalanx and the other end elastic is connected to strain gauge this helps in recording force of contraction.


Strain gauge which consist of piezo-electric wire which is connected along with heavy bar metal that is arranged parallel to hand free at one side and fixed at the other end.

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To obtain muscle vibration frequencies records 2 techniques were appointed.

Rather than transmitting the tremor along the finger a direct muscle vibration recording be made.

The skin surface was perpendicular to the direction of detection of acceleration.

The EMG records are not taken in this phase. this arrangement was so properly preferred for record a contraction by fixed method rather than elastic connected to finger. In actual experiment, tremor of the index finger occur steady contraction was analysed by the device called piezo-resistive accelerometer were the finger was taped softly at the end so its direction of detection has a close similarity to adduction movement.

To conducted the frequency band interest, the recording was sampled at 2008hz the microphones and accelerometer have since been used to record vibrations from contracting muscle whenever the EMG and AMG analysis had to be performed.

Eventually many oscillations have been performed on recordings of body (physiological tremor). The confusion was spotted between the peripheral oscillations and studies with respect to origin and frequencies of significance.

The ongoing study inscription these issue by methods that concurrently measurement of the index finger oscillated by all there techniques (muscle vibration, tremor, EMG ). Contraction against elastic which includes in the current studies. this gives the strong contractions for muscle vibration and EMG recordings in active conditions.

Listening to the values obtained in stethoscope subjectively resulted in very low quality than the accelerometer, at the end of the finger the movement was much smaller than the finger contraction, opposition to fixed resistance was also performed which resulted in three frequency peaks were obtained.

The coherence was always between the range of frequency 40HZ when spotted between the tremor and muscle vibration.

The two power spectra were revealed there was no clear peaks at this frequency and accelerometer and sound motion but only in different sites.

//near result table //

b. EMG (electromyographic), muscle vibration, tremor, AMG.

After the observation of traces a statement was revealed that the cycle of regular wavelength involved in tremor and EMG.

The apprehension was committed by triggering a digital event of tremor signal in peaks and pointing the intervals in the histogram of the distribution in time periods of 25-ms cycling and 50-ms cycling in both EMG and tremor recording.

The highest peak-peak accelerations of 40hz oscillation observed in 50% MVC traces were about 9 ms-2 and about 5 ms-2 for 10-hz oscillations. the advantage via the muscle acts is not much poorer than 1di and the distance from the pivot to the point of measurement of acceleration are approximate

It consequently appears that the present study a number of units must have been acting together to generate the observed oscillations.

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With primary care knee OA management with nonpharmacological

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