Wireless Signals Essay

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Wireless Signals

In Wide Area Networks (WAN) wireless technology helps connect different places and devices. These wireless technologies can help places connect with each other where cabling can’t be done or isn’t practical. There are four main types of wireless signal types, five if you include Zig Bee. 1) Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi is today’s main stable of wireless signals. With Wi-Fi you do need a cabled network to certain access points from the Internet. These access points that turn cabled into a wireless signal are routers. The Wi-Fi signals can be different strengths depending on the source. Depending on the router size and strength, cam make the wireless signal as wide as a home or school campus. You can use extenders to widen the rage of the wireless signal. Both Laptops and desktop computers use this type of signal. 2) Cellular is another wireless type of signal. Mostly associated with cellphone this type of signal can connect different mobile devices. Through the use of a transmitter, or cell, a person can stay connected to a wireless network in a very large area. With cellular signals the coverage is very large, but there are “dead zones.”

Where there is no signal. Congestion does occur with cellular signals when many people are using the bandwidth at the same time. Causing a slow up in the signals reacting their destination. Cellular networks are expanding with more capacity now 3G, 4G and 5G networks are the norm. Cellphones are main device with this type of signal. 3) Bluetooth technology has a very small area of workability. Only meters wide for connections. Bluetooth can eliminate the need for wires in small areas. Bluetooth technology tends to be slow, but newer generations of Bluetooth is getting faster. Most likely you can’t send large amounts of data on Bluetooth, because of the lack of capacity for speed. Cellphones, Laptops, IPad and MP3 players use this type of signal. 4) WIMAX is the newest wireless signal technology. WIMAX unlike Wi-Fi doesn’t need a cabled line at all. It is a very fast signal, but WIMAX suppliers only offer a fraction of its speed.

In a network Wi-Fi can be used to connect office building without wires. Cellular can be used to transmit data and conversations among employees and other devices or employees. Bluetooth can transmit small files quickly in between devices. WIMAX could speed up the Internet signal and transfer data very quickly. A company may choose a satellite signal if they have very remote locations not accessible by other means. Satellite signals are effected greatly by weather conditions.

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