Wireless Power Transfer System Project Report

By finalizing all previous tasks in your research project. And working individual and in team work (group), it is required to show the reflection on the effectiveness and impact the experience has had upon enhancing personal or group performance.

Group experience:

The most important experiences gained during the work in this project are.

  • Increasing the efficiency of the project where, when working on the idea of the project we have known all previous experiences similar to this idea to know the most important results that can be used and the most important mistakes and try to avoid.

  • Completing work faster by assigning responsibilities to all members of the team, each member collecting a lot of information to complete the idea.
  • Gain experience in dealing with more than one person and listening to more than one opinion with reliance on some people such as engineers or technicians in the labor market.

Teamwork also helps to raise the morale of everyone in the team to produce the best possible work and help innovate in more than one project development and suggestions to solve problems and obstacles: Teamwork avoids a large percentage of problems, such as helping to find components that can be accessed through the Internet And others in the market.

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  • Teamwork helps to enhance personal skills and exchange experiences and thus saves a lot of benefits save a lot of time and effort.
  • One of the most important experiences that must be available in teamwork is to improve the level of the least efficient individuals in order to have all members working on the same efficiency.
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This gives me the experience of dealing with many components at any time, and I know the process of purchasing ingredients from the market or search them online. And gain experience of working lists of all types and how to use them in the project and any other work.

Individual experience:

One of the most important experiences gained from individual work.

  • Gain experience of increasing information about the magnifying glass and the idea of its work.
  • Know the rules for calculating flow and voltage.
  • Know file types, measure and test components and how to select them correctly.
  • Learn how to develop yourself for the development of the project and work on more experience and rely on the light of work under pressure with focus and gain experience in dealing with the latest technologies and discover errors and analyzes to overcome them and not to be exposed again.
  • But individual work does not give the same experience that is gained when working as a group because it (little fruits - - the possibility of error is greater, there is no spirit of competition that make the project better) so prefer teamwork.

Task1 (M2):-

As per previous work, you are required to analyses the strategies used to overcome the challenges involved in the literature review stage. The analysis may be via SWOT analysis or analyzing techniques.

Research paper:

Design and construction of wireless power transfer system using magnetic resonant coupling.


  • Demonstrating the transfer of electric energy through the wireless using electromagnetic induction theory is better than using microwave in power transmitting.
  • Study the results, experiments and calculate power transfer efficiency and discuss developments, and develop some components that help make the project safe.

Strategies used to solve the problem:

This paper contains the design of the project and the department and the clarification of the components necessary to operate the circuit and there are some equations in the calculation of power and calculate the efficiency of transport on different dimensions and contained experiments with illustration bulldozers.

SWOT analysis for Strategies:

Strength Weaknesses

  • The author solved the problem so that it was clearly understood, the author explained the design of the circuit and its components.
  • illustrate some equations for calculating power and measuring efficiency.
  • conduct experiments and test the efficiency of power transfer through files using electromagnetic flux.
  • Draw some bulldozers to illustrate the efficiency ratio and its power values.
  • Do not contain some instructions in dealing with coils in the project circuit to avoid errors.

Opportunities Threats

  • This paper can be used in development to conduct some experiments in the project.
  • Use explicit rates to facilitate calculations and not to use complex equations.
  • Use incorrect equations to calculate circuit output and use coils without connecting the transistor to make safety in the circuit.
  • Failure to make sure that the circuit is in danger leads to malfunctions and it is possible to stop the project from working.

Research paper:

Tesla coil wireless power transmission, (Wireless power transfer using magnetic resonance).


  • Another type of coil is the Tesla coil because it drives a high-intensity flow during power transmission
  • Design does not contain AC power in the input.
  • Use components to increase the efficiency of the project in terms of work and safety.

Strategies used to solve the problem:

In this paper the author relied on explaining the steps of the work and developed the components used to increase efficiency and that the project is safe and conducted a systematic research on the type of another coil of the department is Tesla coil induces high density flux. It produces high frequency, high voltage and low alternating current. This paper proposed simple and design which does not have ac voltage at the input.

SWOT analysis for Strategies:

Strength Weaknesses

  • Explain the steps of work in a clear manner and develop the project and explain it well.
  • Work to increase the safety of the project users and increase the efficiency of power transmission. -Do not use many bulldozers or pictures to illustrate the steps of work, making understanding harder.
  • There is no explanation of the project test after development.

Opportunities Threats

  • The project can be developed through this strategy to increase efficiency and solve problems easily.
  • Failure to test the project and show the results to verify the validity of the connection and not to be sure of the accuracy of the outputs result in the project stops working.

Research paper:

Design of Wireless Power Transfer System via Magnetic Resonant Coupling at 13.56MHz.


  • Run the project by moving is carried with a power transfer of 60 W and has RF-to-RF coupling efficiency of 40% for a distance of 2 m, which is more than three times the coil's diameter. We expect that coupled magnetic resonances will make possible the commercialization of a midrange wireless power transfer.
  • Use the Two Coil System and Three Coil System, And test the project to show the results.

Strategies used to solve the problem:

In this paper was to design a wireless power transfer system via magnetic resonant coupling at 13.56MHz. After analyzing the whole system step by step for optimization, a WPT system was designed. The designed WPT system has power transfer efficiency 78.18% .

The simulation results showed improvements in terms of energy transfer efficiency and consistent with theoretical calculations and it has been shown that this system can be used to save energy.

SWOT analysis for Strategies:

Strength Weaknesses

  • Explain the project in detail and use images and bulldozers to facilitate understanding,

And perform a full project test on the simulator program to show clear results.

  • Some software uses complex simulations to test the project.
  • Do not explain how to use the simulator program.

Opportunities Threats

  • Problem solving can be easily accessed through this strategy because it is obvious to show results after the test.
  • Can be used for more than one project on the same content to solve problems and analyze it with the acquisition of expertise. -Failure to develop alternative solutions and strategies to solve problems when testing.
  • The results can be shown without confirming the exact output and can disable project execution.

Research paper:

Wireless power transfer using microwave.


Work on the development of the system and the use of microwave system in the transmission of wireless energy.

Strategies used to solve the problem:

In this paper the author explained the method of using the microwave in the transfer of wireless energy with an explanation of the block diagram to clarify the theory of work, with the components of the circuit and applications used and also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages.

SWOT analysis for Strategies:

Strength Weaknesses

  • Explain the work theory clearly and use the block diagram to facilitate understanding of the system

Clarify the components needed to implement it. - Do not use images and bulldozers to illustrate the figurative paper.

  • Do not contain sufficient information to implement the project.

Also do not contain equations for calculating efficiency and energy value.

Opportunities Threats

This strategy can be used with some other papers to complete the information about the project and acquire many experiences to implement the project and test the department to verify the validity of the connection and accuracy of the output.  Can't rely on this strategy only to implement the project and the test must search for more papers because it can't run the project because of incomplete information is sufficient.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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