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Wireless network

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1. What advantages does a wireless network provide Denver B-cycle? 
 1 A wireless network, gives Denver B-cycle advantages when it comes to rent and use the bikes. It is a convenient way of having to do all the transactions and renting of the bikes wireless, because it makes the process fast and very easy to use and it doesn’t require much. The methods Denver B-cycle uses through a wireless network are very practical for the users. Making it easy to access to the bikes, the company can gain more users.

2 There are more than 50 bike stations, or B-stations as they are called. These B-stations operate by using a variety of wireless technologies, such as RFID, GPS, and Wi-Fi. One method to access a bike is by using the B- station kiosk machine that allows users to unlock bikes with a credit card. Another option is to purchase a 7-day as well as 30- day, or annual membership online or at the B-station kiosk.

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The members then receive an RFID-enabled card (Radio-frequency identification) that allows them to retrieve any bike from the B-stations. The RFID cards provide immediate data access from the users for the company.

The transactions to let a member use a bike are done using RFID readers and Wi-Fi devices that validate the transaction with the company’s main database. They can also download an iPhone app that facilitates them to unlock and locate the bikes. The bikes also have embedded GPS that records the routes a user travels to help the company understand the most common routes a user takes.

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Having GPS in the bikes increases location and monitoring capability, giving another advantage for Denver B-cycle. Having access from you mobile device facilitates everything. These days, most people count with a mobile device, so the use of the Denver B-cycle can be widespread. All it takes to unlock a bike is an app. It is not hard to use that method and it is really fast. All it takes can be up to some seconds.

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Wireless network

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