Wireless devices and applications Essay

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Wireless devices and applications

1.0 Introduction

Most of mobile organizations make use of wireless operations this is because they know that with this operation it is a bit simple to use and the costs that is related to it is not very high. This has the indication that most of the organizations are ready to make use of it because they have assurance that it has privacy protection. With change in the technology in the whole world most of customers want privacy and better connectivity at the same time that are not mutually exclusive. There is a broad acceptance of WDA in countries that elected to include wireless numbers in the DA database from the inception of the wireless industry. (Green, 2002)

2.0 Wireless Device Application

The wireless devices are common as they are more in front line with assurance of sales and service provision this has the indication that most of the companies ensure that they make use of the wireless devices so that they can be in a position to come up with the right communication to their employees. In this I mean that the employees who are employed in sales organization have to make use of this communication so that they can be in a Position to information their customers what are required.

Therefore they have to be in contact with customers if they have to succeed in their sales, this is because lack of functional bridge between the office communications infrastructure and the mobile environment will cause a lot of problems for mobile employees, their organization and their customers which will result to communication delay that will slow down the operation of a business.  Most of the problems that arise are multiple contact numbers, frequent missed calls, voice mail jail, multiple voice mail boxes and expensive conferencing.

Most of the organizations are spending a lot of income in the wireless communications service in every data this is because it is a communication that has to be funded so that they can keep their customers informed. This will mean that if they fail to pay everything that is required by the wireless communication company then they will not be in a position to inform the customers about the company products which will not affect the growth of the company. There are numerous carrier services like long distance sertivices.

These problems that take place like many missed calls come about because the customers, suppliers and employees do not know which phone  number to call  so that they can reach the mobile employee. In other words this will mean that with many numbers they are not in a position to know which number will reach a targeted customer this will mean that they will just call numbers which will not be effective and the customers will not be reached as it is required.

Therefore the employees will face difficulties in dealing with these problems mainly due to the fact that they should be in a point of receiving the calls of the most important customers but instead they get calls of people who are not important to the organization in terms of raising its sales. The problem of unnecessary voicemail jail come in due ton the fact that the mobile users attempt to connect with callers after missing the original call attempt. (Green, 2002)

This will mean that employees will face a lot of problems due to the attempt to connect with customers  as  the first call has failed then one will switch off to other calls meaning that they will not be in a position to get the  customers in a easy way. The problem of wasted time and wireless usage expense which is caused by constant calls ins to check mail by out of office employees. The most pressing problem is the expense that has to be taken by a organization that makes use of the wireless communication this will mean that this communication is not that simple as they might think of it because there are charges that are supposed to be paid failure to which an organization will not be in a position to have expansion in its operations.

The charges that are supposed to be paid by an organization will be in office or their home calls and still the calls that are made between the employees where a company has to make long distance rates at a high cost. This will mean that a company will have high charges as it tries to conduct most of the employees and important people that are supposed to be in the organization in other words there are people who are supposed to ensure that the organization is not facing problems in its operations these people have to be conducted and this will mean that wherever they have to be reached any time when they are required.

Still a high cost will be in the large administrative effort in that the managers and all the officials in an organization have to ensure that they come up with the approval of wireless expenses meaning that each person who is involved in the organization must be conducted. Therefore they will have to ensure that the expenses that are spend   are in line with the operations of the organization meaning that the managers may not be able to approve the expense and this will lead to lack of communication because these costs have to be paid and a lot of time is wasted in conducting every official in organization. (Dipietro, 2004)

Still the organization will face the expenses of inability to control mobile communications meaning that these devices have to be checked frequently and this is a cost that is to be incurred in an organization. Therefore the expense that is required to be covered in the wireless communication is very high and most of the organizations will end up failing in operations because they will not be able to curb the expenses. The problem of wireless devices and applications lies on the expenses that have to be incurred in an organization.

This will mean that if it is a sales organization it has to ensure that the customers are informed of the costs of products and convince them that the product is the best. This will take time because most of the customers can not be easily convinced therefore what they end up doing will be to have high expenses that will be charged by the wireless company.  The expense problem has coverage of every activity that is carried out if it is  missed calls then still there are charges that have to be charged meaning that organization should have a plan on the use of wireless  devices so that they can reduce the costs.

The other charges are on the maintenance of these devices this is because these devices are very delicate and should be taken with a lot of concern therefore what one has to do will be to ensure that they have the right maintenance to reduce costs of repair but the problem is that they have to be checked frequently meaning that when there is a problem a high cost has to be invested if they have to communicate well with their customers. This problem of expense leads a company to a point in which it has to make a decision so that there can be a solution to the problem because a company that operates without keeping in mind the costs that have to be incurred then it will not be able to succeed in all the operations and expansion of such organization is very hard.

Therefore a sales company should have a plan that will give it guidelines as they have to make use of this wireless devices because it is a fast way that can be used to inform the customers but the problem of expense has to be dealt with so that they can be sure that even if they have to spend in the wireless devices they are sure that costs is not very high. (Dipietro, 2004)

The communication efficiency solution will be to come up with the best applications that will lead to a solution to this problem. Like for example there is the blue butler which is a suite that is unique and has powerful communication applications. This suite is designed so that it can increase the business processes for the enterprise so that they can drive revenue and improve the service delivery, ensure that a company will have customer retention and competition is maintained. This is a software platform that enables the communication to be effective in an organization and it is made effective through ensuring that the existing and evolving communication infrastructure are maintained.

The organization is in a position to get the  benefits  of the latest communication  efficiencies  not minding about the equipment, network services or the communications  devices that are in use now or in future  which an   organization will be able to deploy. This will mean that a sales organization that has to succeed in its operations will have to use this blue butler so that it can have benefits that are supposed to be received if it has to operate   without facing problems of communication delays. The implementation plan that is taken by a sales company will be targeted to the blue butler  which is affordable  digital call recording technology that  ensure that the   company will benefit from the recording  calls. In the implementation plan that what is put in place is the dramatic quality improvement in that a sales company will be in a position to have high quality goods this is because the employees are at their professional best in knowing that management is right this has the indication that the employees have to treat the customers with respect and professionalism so that the customers can know that they are part of the organization and have to keep everything the way it is required. (Chris, 2005)

Therefore the staff will have limited time that is lost in unproductive activities as the internal calls will be focused on business issues. Another thing is that   the   delivery is continuous, feedback and best practice training in that the training of staff is done on the best practices that will lead to expansion in an organization. In the training they know the behavior that is accepted by all customers and how to improve the operational results that is through effective telephone practice. This will mean that in the use of the  telephone then the customers will be free as they will be given what they require in other words in the training that is offered to them then they are in a position to know what they have to do so that they can  reach the customers without delays.

There will be fast dispute  resolution in that incase a company is involved in problems then the solution will be tackled without wasting time this is because they  know  what they are supposed to do so that they can have reduced  conflict if they have to  win many customers. This means that they will have reliance on face based recordings to eliminate no win confrontations that will lead to time wastage in unproductive activities. There is reduction of errors and omission claims that are can take place in a sales organization this will mean that there will be maintenance of good customer relations that will be referred to facts rather than hearsay cases.

This will imply that the errors that can be involved in an organization due to   simple mistakes will be catered for this is because they are in a position to know what is required of them in other words if the organization requires high sales then this has to be received only through cooperation and relations with each other in an organization. The customers should be taken as a part of organization which will lead to high expansion of organization. (Chris, 2005)

In the implementation plan there will be streamlining of order processing in that with the use of recorded phone verifications that are used as audio signatures to book then it means that an organization will be able to eliminate wastage of time and errors that are likely to take place in organization. This means that the order processing will be done with a lot of concern and in the time that is required. The organization will be able to ensure that they comply with   costs that are charged this is only opposable if an organization is in a position to come up with the best   communications in other words in the implementation plan that organization will be in a position to ensure that they will not face high expenses of communication that might interfere with the operations of organization.

 The organization will be in a position to ensure that they come up with the right access to the customers this is because in the plan they have dealt with the problems that might arise in the organization itself, staff and employees therefore the organization will access the problems that may raise and deal with them before they lead to more harm. In this I mean that an organization that makes use of blue butler as a solution to the problem of expenses that are faced in organization due to use of wireless communication then they will be in a position to ensure that they are able to operate with limited cases of lack of operations and at the same time they will have high costs. Therefore all organizations should ensure that the problems that are linked to wireless devices and applications are dealt with so that they have high expansion. The technology improvements will enable the building of information systems which can be used in any place at any time. (Basili, 1990)

This imply that companies that make use of mobile devices will be in a position to  rise its production, ensure that the procedures are flexible and change the services that are given to their customers and  ensure that information is accurate for decision making.

Generally what I mean is that organizations have to face a lot of problems but what they have to do so that they can deal with their problems will be to adopt a service that will be less costly and will deal with problems that are faced  in an organization. In a sales organization most of the problems that are related to communication will be to reach employees and customers so that they can have high sales. Therefore no organization will be able to reach all the customers without a link to communication therefore with the technology changes that are taking place in the world today the organizations should be in a position to change with the technology so that they will not be left out in expansion.

In this I mean that the customers want to be reached and convinced about a product therefore to make sure this is reached then it is only their the use of the right communication measures that will ensure that they are  given information that is best but the problem is cost that has to be incurred. A company has to choose a communication linkage that will reach many customers in a short time and with limited costs incurred. This is mainly because they are supposed to ensure that they reach all and the only way through will be   wireless devices and other devices that are in use today. Therefore a company that has to come up and be successful in its operations will be through the use of communication that is not very expensive and will reach many customers. (Basili, 1990)

3.0 Conclusion

In the use of wireless devices and applications there are many dangers that might come up but the solutions will be that the company will have high production because the customer will be reached with limited time lost. Therefore companies should make sure that in any information system that is to be used then they have the right procedure taken so that they have communication channel been complete. In this I mean that with high costs in communication many companies will not be in a point of reaching all their customers but to deal with this problem then what they will have to do will be to come up with communication that is less costly and will cover many customers.

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