Wireless Essay Topics

Optical Code Division Multiple Access

Question: write about Optical Code Division Multiple Access. Introduction and overview, historical background, explanation of the technique, comparison between FDMA, TDMA and OCDMA, explain more on OCDMA, how does it work, why using OCDMA, advantages, what other techniques available other than OCDMA, compare them with OCDMA. Introduction OCDMA is a multiple access technique originating from… View Article

Enhancing IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks

Abstract             The IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless network is a very important standard especially today that wireless technologies are very popular due to its effectiveness and usefulness. However, the standard supports the use of omni-directional antenna which radiates and receives signals in all directions that does not support spatial reuse and does not have… View Article

Is Technology Making us intimate Strangers?

In a world of modern sophistication and changing technology it is indeed easy to get lost in a stream of gadgets like i-pods, cellular phones, laptops and etcetera. Everything is presented at your finger tips. Having a cellular phone with Wireless Fidelity (wi-fi) access will enable you to hold the world in your palm, figuratively… View Article

Pervasive Wireless

Pervasive wireless, the improvement and implementation of which becomes a primary concern for research and development centers of big IT corporations all over the world. In basic terms, pervasive wireless allows to link numerous mobile devices with radio nods into networks that could be changed in a really fast manner. “The ability to form such… View Article

Wireless Patient Database Updating and Tracking System

Patient updating using wireless technologies has been considered for improving the quality of healthcare to increase number of patients, For such patients, comprehensive & reliable wireless patient monitoring system should be designed that can operate autonomously. In this paper, we propose that patient updating should involve transmission of vital signs. In simple terms it updates,tracks… View Article

Wireless Energy Meter

In the age of ecological awareness, and the conclusion that energy should not be wasted, it is necessary to investigate the places where electrical energy is consumed. The effective energy usage of a device can often be determined by monitoring the according electrical devices over a long space of time. The measuring can easily be… View Article

Home Appliances

The rapid development in science and technology has paved its way for sophistication by automation. People now a days, are inclined towards devices that are sophisticated, simpler to use and secure. In this project entitled “Home Appliances Control using Different Controlling Modes “, a prototype is developed which shows how the best utilization of technology… View Article

Wireless Network Standards

When it comes to communications, broadcasting signals, and staying within guidelines governed by the FCC and the IEEE here in the United States a system of standards have been developed in order to help the communications and information industry streamline their efforts to work together instead of against each other. Some people feel this is… View Article

Investigatory Project in Physics

The NETGEAR Universal WiFi Range Extender effectively doubles the operating distance of your entire wireless network and conveniently avoids additional need for power cables or device clutter on your office desk or home theater. WN3000RP extends your wireless network to include the area outside the range of your existing wireless router by overcoming obstacles and… View Article

4g and 3g Network

In this paper I will be discussing the different wireless networks, 3G and 4G. I will compare and contrast the 3G wireless networks to 4G networks. This essay shall also distinguish which wireless network has the fastest download speeds and service availability. I will identify the competition between the 3G and 4G networks, and which… View Article

Research in Motion Limited

In early 2002, Chris Wornald, as the director of strategic alliances for RIM, believed the tremendous synergy value offered from the acquisition of Slangsoft and its importance for RIM’s future Asian market. However, after his successful presentation on the deal to senior executives, one piece of archived news on Jerusalem Post got the attention from… View Article

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Communications is network leader in wireless, the most consistent and the most reliable internet service. Verizon is the largest global IP leader; delivering solutions that let their customers securely connect, collaborate, and communicate around the globe. They are known to operate the fastest 4G wireless network and provide services for the most fiber optic… View Article

How Will Wireless Power Change Our Daily Lives?

Stemming from the aspirations of the famous nineteenth-century physicist and engineer, Nikola Tesla, the notion behind wireless power has been around for decades. The idea has been vaguely implemented into commercial and military use but has yet to reach the mass-consumer market. There’s no doubt that the world is going wireless with the recent popular… View Article

Abstract Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies and the use of Wireless technology in them is a growing demand and a reason for concerned for any IT department.Who ever pioneers this concept must be ready to evolve making fast and quick decisions both at lower and upper management.Allocating resources for equipment that will help meet the demand and also strategizing… View Article

How to Crack Wi-Fi

Your Wi-Fi network is your conveniently wireless gateway to the internet, and since you’re not keen on sharing your connection with any old hooligan who happens to be walking past your home, you secure your network with a password, right? Knowing, as you might, how easy it is to crack a WEP password, you probably… View Article