Winter season Essay

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Winter season

It was the Khandpaath of Baishakhi Gurpurab in 2010 at our local gurdwara Metiabruz, Khandpaath: it is an unbreakable continous reading of SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB (HOLY BOOK OF SIKH, Total pages 1430), Readers are changed frequently after like 2 hours and it takes approx 50 hours to complete. It was a sunny day, saturday afternoon, after day time langar or lunch, i was sitting alone, i had no idea that this day going to impact my life forever. PUJA was very naughty and fool, i was very shy to girls from the beginning because i did not know how to talk with them and what they like, i was not used to, girls like appreciation, no matter who is the person and even if it is a false applause, i did not want to hurt them and that is the bad and last impression. She asked me for whom i am dreaming, but i was not, but i told her funnily that yes i was dreaming of a girl, she asked, ” who is she?, tell me, i know everyone, I will try to make your match for sure” . i said, ” i really do not know who is she, but if i need your help, i will ask you for sure”. she went away.

My friend, Mantej, was present there and he was not good in study at all, he need someone to write his project, he asked me if i can write on his behalf, i told him better you tell puja, she is very helpful. He was scared of being rejected by puja, but puja asked for some choclates as a fees, project was very important to him but it did not seems. one can never rely on someone if its too important, he was happy that someone took charged for his project, i was doing something on Mantej’s mobile , suddenly i got a missed call on his no., i told him you got a missed call, he said just feed it, it is no. of puja, he exchanged mb. no. to get updates, i saved it but don’t know what happened wrong i thought to tease her because she offers me her help. Puja was not good looking at all with no personality and unattractive. I remember few days ago at Rashbehari Gurudwara, baikshaki gurpurab, she made her identity as a SIKH by performing religious’ rituals. I messaged her that now you are followers of a sikh religion so stop your foolish activities like flirting with different guys at one time, she replied in curiousity, ” who are you? , do not preach me.”

It was a beginning of a chat, puja tried herself very hard to reveal my identity but not succeeded. One evening i got message from two mb. nos. , one was new and the other one was of puja. i was sure that the new no. is any of puja’s friend because she asked me that who am i after she told me that she lives in B.N.R, behind Marine club, in family was only dad mom and a brother. Though she addressed her punjabi, i was failed to identify her because i knew everyone almost in radius of 2km. B.N.R is like 2km from my home and there was no punjabi family behind Marine club. I also told that my name is Tejpal singh, resides at Ekbalpur, study in st. Thomas school, where puja is used to study, now my this fake address confused them more because i told the name of puja’s school.

The very next morning, i and new no. were chatted something about sex and ended up the chat with abusing each other. i thought it was the end of chatting new no. but it was not. it was now like a daily schedule, at night both puja and new no. used to chat with me. After in few days, i got addicted with chat of new no. and attention from puja got divert. It was obvious because puja had number of boy friends and she was not going to spoil her time with an unidentify personality. now even i got excited to disclose who the new no. is. puja had strong feelings that i am tejpal singh because one day new no. called me for a minute to listen my voice. i had a different tone of punjabi. punjabi language get change a little bit after a district. In punjab, i was from MOGA district and she was from HOSHIRPUR, so there is quite differences in the same sentences. On sundays, puja used to ask my friend about my mb. no. but i told earlier everyone that if puja asked you about my new relaince no. then just tell i have only hutch no., they all said all right. First puja asked me that it was you who message me, i simply said no, why i will do. she told that i know it was you. she asked my every friend but no one said truth to her because they were also enjoying. But that day i came to know that the new no. is her cousin sister SONA.

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