Winning Over our Target with Wheaties Essay

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Winning Over our Target with Wheaties

We will get our target to start talking about our product again with renewed interest in it and its healthy effects. We will accomplish this through a new promotion that will have a lasting effect on the minds of consumers. Execution: In big cities in the United States (and abroad if possible), we will have Wheaties “Strength and Endurance All-Star Day”. In these cities, various athletes will be invited to come and sign autographs during the competition, as well as cheerleaders from local football teams.

Press releases will be sent out three weeks prior to the event, so that the news media can attend and give the event coverage to people, who are not in attendance. Radio stations will, also, be able to announce our event, as well. We will hold these events at local colleges with large indoor gyms, so that different contests can be held. There will be free-throw basketball contests, highest baseball pitching speed contests, cheerleading competitions (judged by the professional cheerleaders), and many contests that can include all age levels and genders and will be contingent on the facilities chosen and the amenities there.

The press releases should mention the catch-phrase, also, that “eating a bowl of Wheaties for breakfast will give you the strength of 100 men – enabling a more productive day” and should be repeated later in radio advertising, if that is an avenue that we chose to go. We want to use Under Armour athletic gear and Gatorade as partners in our event, as they are closely related to both the sporty promotion we are doing and the healthy image that Wheaties has always used in the past. Giveaways: Winners of the competitions can receive boxes of our cereal and products from our partners.

Autographs from the athletes and cheerleaders will, also, draw in many people that will not participate in the contests. Buzz: In addition to the press releases already mentioned, utilizing social networking sites will prove to be very important in promoting both the event and the product after the promotion is over. Myspace and Imeem are all sites that can be utilized, as accounts can be created for Wheaties “Strength and Endurance All-Star Day” for free without paying for any advertising, whatsoever.

Partners: As mentioned before, Under Armour and Gatorade would make excellent partners and would benefit from the exposure given in this event and could, also, help defray some of the costs to have the athletes attend. Branded Entertainment: Using television or movies with Wheaties in the background at the kitchen table in the morning should prove effective, An example could be of a show that depicts a tired executive walking to kitchen table and passing a box of Wheaties, looking at it and going on. He would then experience a series of misadventures during his day, prompting another actor to exclaim “you need some vitamins to keep up!

” while the other actor might say, “yes I didn’t have my Wheaties today. ” There can also be mention that “I feel like I have to do the work of 100 men on the job”. This would help with that catchphrase that we want people to become familiar with. It may show him later on eating a bowl of Wheaties and his day improving. Street Furniture and Execution: Since not everyone will have been at the promotional event, we will use benches all over cities and towns across the United States (and abroad where possible).

We will donate them to be used at any location where people congregate and can associate the benches another catch phrase “bench warmer or body builder? ” catchphrase to go along with the other catchphrase. They can be put at bus stops and parks outside, where they will be seen daily. Additionally, they can be placed inside sports stadiums near concession stands and at little league sport complexes, where parents and children can use the benches and see the logo, in reference to their “sporty” life, where one needs both vitamins and “the strength of 100 men”.

Guerilla marketing: Posting blogs and bulletins on social networking sites, such as Myspace will prove to fit a less traditional type of advertising that will reach consumers in a different type of media. Posting events that Wheaties may sponsor (such a golf tournaments or any sporting event) will keep the buzz going and these sponsorships will help generate word-of-mouth advertising, as well. Additionally, having the constant presence of the aforementioned avenues will help to keep an ambient presence, so that consumers feel comfortable and safe buying the product, should prove to help revenue a great deal.

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