Winning by Jack Welch and Suzy Welch Essay

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Winning by Jack Welch and Suzy Welch

Winning is the book written by Jack Welch and Suzy Welch. This book deals with the strategies of improving one’s position within an organization, and therefore this book is useful to various sections of people including employers and employees. The strategies mentioned in the book can be used in the field of educational administration in order to achieve the main objectives of the educational institutions. The book ‘Winning’ concentrates on the various aspects such as mission and values, dignity, leadership within an organization, strategy, and the methods of obtaining promotion, and thereby obtaining job satisfaction.

(Welch and Welch 2005, pp. 1-10) This book does not deal with only the strategies of achieving success in a business or enterprise. The ‘Winning’ also provides valuable information to the people belonging to different sections in the society. Therefore, this book is relevant for the people who want to improve their contribution in the field of educational administration. For example, it is extremely important to provide leadership in the educational institutions in order to achieve the objectives of the organization.

The book provides information to the administrators in order to achieve success by motivating other employees in the organization. The leader needs to possess a clear mission and it is found that leaders often confuse between mission and vision. In an educational institution, the administrators need to possess the capacity to provide mission statement to other members of the organization so that it is possible to inspire them to improve the quality of product that comes out of the organization.

(Welch and Welch 2005, p. 8) In the end, what matters is the final product that can contribute to the society. By possessing clear mission and vision, it is possible for the administrators in an educational institution to not only improve the image of their institution, but also the administrators can improve their career prospects. These strategies are useful in improving the personality of the individual, leading to improved communication skills that are useful particularly for the educational administrators.

Welch gives importance to clear thinking, thought process, and clear speech which are necessary to inspire the members of the organization. (Welch and Welch 2005, p. 25) The clarity of thought and expression leads to perfect understanding between members of an organization. These ideas can be used in the field of educational administration. The author has referred to his own experiences as a business executive, and his suggestion that one needs to learn from the earlier mistakes is valuable information to the leader in an educational institution.

The educational administrators can asses the strengths and weaknesses of members of the organization and suggest ways to achieve the mission and vision of the institution. In this way these ideas are very useful in the field of education. This book also stresses on resource allocation. (Welch and Welch 2005, p. 169) In other words, the authors insist on placing right kind of people in the right jobs so that they would be able to improve their productivity within an organization.

In this context, one can suggest that educational administrators need to use right kind of strategies in order to achieve their aims. The employees can be given encouragement by providing them with appropriate placements. There is a need for periodic assessment of performance of the employees in order to evaluate strategies of the organization. The authors also give importance to improve the competitive ability of the company.

In the case of the educational organizations, they need to constantly improve their positive strengths in order to compete with other educational institutions. The above information shows that the book written by Welch is useful to the leaders of the educational institutions. The educational administrators need to implement the strategies suggested by the authors of the book ‘Winning’. By following these strategies, it is possible for the educational administrators to emerge as the winners.


Welch, Jack. , and Welch, Suzy. (2005). Winning. Harper Collins: New York.

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