Wings of Freedom Essay

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Wings of Freedom

I felt empty and incomplete. The door had been closed, but I could still feel the breeze that slowly crept up my back, as I sat there in the dark, hopeless. The sorrow had made its way to my eyes, and tears dropped one by one, on the hard cement, echoing through by ears. The cement floor was covered with tiny blood spots, and only a few feathers were left unnoticed by them. I grabbed the feathers, clenched my fist around them, as I looked up at the crack on the unending wall. The crack was the closest thing I could get to the sky; even if I was unable to see the sky physically, I was able to picture it, by listening to the sounds that the birds made, as they flew past the crack.

I frequently dreamt that I would be flying with the birds, above the sea, with no destination. I would imagine the feeling of wind in my hair, the rush while diving to the sea, and being able to stretching out my wings as far as possible. I would be looking down and see a vague shape of the trees. And I would be so high up in the sky that not even the smoke from the chimney could reach me. And the birds would all fly with me to that unset location.

I always had the idea that the world was hiding behind this wall, but looking at the bigger picture, it’s actually me who is hiding from it, hiding behind this unending shield, protected from all evil that might be on the other side.

As time went by my wings grew bigger and stronger, and the crack in the wall became an opening. It was an opening large enough to fly through. But would my wings lift me, lift me high enough to avoid all danger? With only hope I spread my wings and jumped as high as I could, out to the open sky. That was where it all began.

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