Windows 2008 Network Services Essay

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Windows 2008 Network Services

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. What these two concepts do is get a unique identifier known as a (MAC address) from any computer. When the DHCP gets the MAC address from a computer it provides an IP address for that computer allowing it to access the Internet. When the computer accesses the Internet the DNS memorizes IP addresses of websites that a computer users wishes to. The reason DNS does this is because all of the websites have domain names. Domain names are translated to IP addresses. One example is Facebook. is Instead of users trying to memorize this IP Address, it just makes it easier to access Facebook or even all the IP addresses that users visit. DNS makes internet surfing easier just using alphabetic letters for easy access.

For two computers it’s not worth setting up a DHCP because when the two computers want to access the Internet, they will be provided the first available IP address. If you have five computers it would be a great idea to setup a DHCP because with setting up a DHCP you could set permissions which monitors what the other computers could access the Internet for, how long they could be logged in using the Internet and their activities.

Now, if there were twenty-five computers it would be perfect to have a DHCP because each computer will have its own IP Address and the IP address would never expire. Also, with a DHCP you could get permission in what any users is able to do in their specific accounts between the network computer and you are able to monitor the daily activities of each user.

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