Windows Essay Topics

Windows Vista

ABSTRACT: This paper researches in to significant features of Microsoft’s Windows Vistas that is expected to be released during 2007. This research paper carefully examines what are all the special features of the Windows Vistas. How the new software exemplifies than the earlier versions. Are the earlier Microsoft software’s malfunctions like Windows XP has been… View Article

Wall Paintings, Mosaics & Stained Glass Windows

The painting of walls is probably the oldest form of art. In ancient times, people made paintings on the walls of caves. A lot of these caves are discovered now. There are wall paintings found that are approximately 31. 000 years old in the Chauvel Cave in France. Also in Lascaux, France and Altamira, Spain,… View Article

Hands on projects

An inventory specialist in the Manufacturing and Operations Department needs to determine what file systems are mounted on his Linux computer because he is not sure that the DVD/CD-ROM drive is properly mounted. Explain the steps he should use to determine the mounted file systems, and also note which file system should be mounted for… View Article

Administering Windows

Why doesn’t the system drive (C:) appear on the Select where you want to save your backup page?You cannot backup on the same partition where the system is, Windows backup tool does not allow this. If a virus infection or software failure occurs you would have to reformat your drive, it would be illogical for… View Article

Identify the types of fault that can occur

The computer is completely dead A lot of machines are require you to press a power button on the back may sound bad and not many people try it so if it fails check the cable whether the fuse works you can test a fuse using a multi metre. If it does not work replace… View Article