Wind System: kinetic Energy

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“Wind power plays a major role in renewable energy. In wind system, kinetic energy is converted into electric energy i.e. variable Alternating Current. Many power converter topologies are being developed for wind energy conversion system to reduce cost, increase reliability and improve wind energy conversion efficiency. We use three levels DC-DC boost converter for obtaining maximum fixed DC output. Then, the output of the wind system is linked to the three-level DC-DC converters to obtaining DC. This fixed DC is used for some dc appliances like batteries.

” The boundaries of the conventional boost converters in these applications are analyzed. Generally the topology with high-step-up, low-cost, and high-efficiency performance are covered and classified into several categories.

Moreover, a general conceptual circuit for high-step-up, low-cost, and high-efficiency dc/dc conversion is projected to obtain the next-generation topologies. Ultimately, the major challenges of high-step-up, low-cost, and high-efficiency dc/dc converters are summarized. This would like to make a clear picture of the universal law and support for the next-generation non-isolated high-step-up dc/dc converters.

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Index Terms—wind, Boost converters, high step-up, low cost and high efficiency, grid-connected. The use of fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and gas, results in the serious greenhouse effect and environmental pollution, which have enormous power in the world. In the intervening time, there is a big challenge between the fossil fuel supply and the global energy demand.

Energy scarcity and environmental pollutions have been the major blockage for human being development. How to find renewable energy sources is becoming imperative.

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Wind is one of the most important sources in the world’s energy portfolio, and it will make one of the major contributions to power production among all the renewable energy candidates by 2040 because it is a clean, emission-free, and renewable electricity generation source with high reliability. Wind opposed to an air current caused by rough heating of the Earth’s plane. It occurs at all scales, from narrow breezes generated by heating of land surfaces and long-lasting to global winds resulting from solar retard heat of the Earth.

The major influences on the atmospheric circulation are the differential heating among the equator and the poles and the rotation of the globe (Carioles effect). Winds can be classified either by their level, the kinds of forces which cause them according to the atmospheric equations of geographic. Regions where they survive. The prevailing wind is the general circulation of the atmosphere. Seasonal wind is winds that only exist during specific seasons. Synoptic-scale winds associated with large-scale events such as warm and cold fronts and are part of what makes up day by day weather. Mesoscale winds that often advance in front are most powerful Thunderstorms and may be sufficiently energetic to produce local Weather of its own.

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