Wind power is used to produce electricity a type of renewable energy

Wind power is used to produce electricity, a type of renewable energy source that can be relied upon mainly to produce future renewable energy for the world. The world seeks to produce electricity from renewable sources for two main reasons. The first reason is to preserve the environment. It will not remove and plans to use wind power from the most important future plans in the production of electric power and by the coming years will change the paths of use of wind energy significantly changed as will be implemented several wind power stations for use in many applications Including the production of electric power.

Wind power efficiency:Wind power is relatively high efficiency but it is impregnated in the mechanical parts during transmission from chastity to generator and the generator itself occurs within it so it is not perfect but excellent reliabilityStability of Wind power:Wind turbidity and turbine operation depend on the existing wind in the region.

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The speed of the wind turbines is determined by the fact that the modern turbines are designed to work with the wind in any direction but depend on the air velocity in the region. It operates about 14 hours a day and sometimes more than 20 hours depending on the windSustainability of Wind power:Wind power is sustainable, with a high life expectancy of up to 40 years of continuous and continuous work, which is one of the preferred stations for researchers to generate electricity, making it a reason to improve the efficiency of energy use as energy will not go without wasteGlobal warming of Wind power:Wind energy does not affect the atmosphere or global warming in anything, since it depends on the wind only in the rotation of turbines without relying on another source and without relying on the global warming of a particular thing or water vapor, for example, wind stations do not affect the global warming in something.

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Cost of Wind power: Most of the cost in wind stations is the cost of construction and installation as it is almost zero in the cost of operation because it needs the cost of construction to form the station and after that the station works wind power and does not need any other costs except maintenance costs and it is considered the operating costCritically evaluation of geothermal power: The performance of geothermal energy depends on the use of thermal energy buried in the ground and its use in heating water to use water vapor to rotate turbines, which is a renewable energy that does not produce any poisonous gases or otherGeothermal power efficiency:The efficiency of the geothermal power plants is very good as the only source of these plants is the underground thermal energy. Some of the losses are in the generators, but their efficiency is good at about 60% and can be increased to about 70% or 80% Stability of Geothermal power:It can always work nonstop except in cases of emergency parking due to faults or regular maintenance. It depends on the thermal energy in the ground which is not dripping so it can work for long periodsSustainability of Geothermal power:Ground-based thermal stations are characterized by sustainability, where they can last for a life span of about 50 years of work with regular periodic maintenance because they contain mechanical partsGlobal warming of geothermal power:Global warming causes global warming, in the use of energy because it is an energy dependent on the Earth's inner heat. This energy is clean energy that does not affect the environment in some poisonous gases. But they cause global warming. Where it relies on the extraction and use of geothermal energy from Earth.Cost of geothermal power: The geothermal energy is relatively low cost in construction and operation since it is in the construction stage. The components are purchased, installed and installed. Most of the cost is the cost of construction, and then the station depends on the thermal energy in the ground for the construction of electric power, which means that it does not need the cost of supply or The cost of operating only in maintenance casesBio energy: The energy is based on the use of environmental waste, such as animal waste, dead trees and others, and these wastes are burned to produce fire for use in heating water. for generate electric powerBio energy efficiency:Biological stations are considered to be the least efficient in the production of electric energy after solar energy, as their efficiency is limited to 30% due to the waste of energy in combustion and other mechanical parts, which is efficiency makes it operate in very narrow limits.Stability of Bio energy:It can work continuously without stopping as it depends on the waste of trees, plants and animals. If these resources are provided, they will work continuously without interruption except in maintenance casesSustainability of Bio energy:The default lifespan of these stations is about 40 to 50 years of work, but during this work it does not remain the same efficiency, but gradually decreases until it stops working completelyGlobal warming of Bio energy:This energy is renewable energy, but it produces many toxic gases and high temperature, which are not widely used, and many of the gases are produced so that the poison can be used in the future in very few limits bio energy also causes a lot of toxic gas production and affects the greenhouse effect mainly as the fire that emerges is the primary and primary factor in the negative effect on the first cause of global warming.Cost of geothermal power: The cost of construction for this plant is relatively small but it needs to be cost-operated as it works on environmental waste as fuel to operate and this cost as well as operating and maintenance costs unlike other renewable power plantsEfficiency improvement:Conclusion:After analyzing the depth of each of the above stations of efficiency, cost, continuity and sustainability, I think through these studies and to improve the efficiency of energy use that some of the sources of renewable energy in the production of energy, which will provide non-renewable energy and one of the most important improvement of the efficiency of use Energy The most important sources of renewable energy that can be used as a kind of energy efficiency improvement is the use of hydroelectric power, since the cost of its operation is non-existent and it is considered one of the most renewable energy sources in efficiency and the best in sustainability and ContinuityUse different factors and your available knowledge / experience / evidence where the judgment is supported in depth:I have collected and written this information and this deep assessment based on my knowledge and experience of renewable energy. I have been given a full training course entitled Renewable Energy which explained renewable energy. I benefited from it and I also got another industrial course based on renewable energy. I write in this deep punctuation as I have used some external sources and have links at the bottomTask2:1-Discuss the present energy efficiency measures while your discussion should include: Energy management, planning, monitoring, costs, and optimization:Energy management:Energy management is the planning, regulation and monitoring of energy use to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of using it by reducing the consumption of inefficient power and reducing energy use in general. These procedures are monitored and verified and are used to reduce the consumption of available energy. Laws and plans for how to manufacture and use energy-powered appliances and public awareness courses urging them to conserve energyEnergy management is the control of energy and work to regulate the consumption and conservation of waste and the management of energy is one of the most important stages of energy efficiency as the energy efficiency lies in the management of good use of energy, which is the use of energy in quantities calculated without losing without waste, Energy use planning and its main objective is to conserve energy resources and reduce the costs of energy use, transmission and generation. Energy management is responsible for delivering energy to its users properly without interruption or waste of energy. Energy planning:Energy planning is one of the most important stages of energy management in order to achieve energy efficiency. It is the research on the decisions necessary for future energy management in line with the needs of users in industrial companies and domestic and commercial uses based on the available data and statistics and not to waste energy or use them in vain. Energy is always ahead of implementation and there can be a difference between planning and implementation due to environmental constraints such as weather and other factors that affect energy use. Energy monitoring:Energy monitoring is a part or step of energy management. Energy monitoring is the tracking of energy paths, the extent to which energy is used and how energy is conserved. There are those who monitor energy consumption constantly to see the latest results to use and maintain energy to assess plans. And implementation to the competent authorities to make the decision either to complete energy planning in the same way or change plans in the use of energy so it is very necessary to control energy and control its use. Energy costs:Energy costs are the costs required to manage the energy as a whole, including the future planning of energy and regulation of the use and energy extraction and transfer to consumers and imports of financial coming to the sale of energy to users and the cost of energy is one of the most important standards of energy efficiency as the companies impose electricity production fines on some factories that do not limit For energy use and planning to conserve them. Reducing the cost of energy is one of the reasons for energy conservation. If the energy is wasted with large quantities, the energy that will be used is a low impedance at high cost. While if its energy conservation and the use of wasted energy in the fields of useful, the amount of energy used has increased and therefore the lack of cost per one kilowatt of energy is therefore the reasons for energy conservation and energy efficiency is to try a little energy cost. Energy optimization:The optimization of energy use is one of the most important factors in the efficiency of energy use as it works to conserve energy and reduce wasted energy useless by using new technologies to perform the same tasks required but in a different way more energy-saving, such as replacement of tungsten bulbs with LED bulbs, it is an improvement in the use Energy The improvement of energy use can be legislated by laws that increase the value of the power factor in factories and investment companies and industrial and can improve the use of energy by the use of utilities with appliances that consume energy to perform a specific function means, for example Use of thermal insulators in a room with an air conditioner to maintain the temperature inside the room and not to force the air conditioner to work for a long time in order to cool the room to the required degree and many examples in all areas. Among the laws for the rationalization of energy use in the industrial environment: is the use of filters and the use of equipment to improve the power factor to reduce the consumption of power for non-efficient electricity, which causes the increase of virtual capacity used and we know that the production of electricity is from another source of energy, such as fuel, Electricity will reduce the use of fossil fuels and any industrial company is obliged to fully commit to improve its power factor. The management, improvement and reduction of the cost of energy in homes: is by using many methods where the electric boilers can be dispensed as they consume a lot of energy and can also put refrigerants in places isolated from high temperature to reduce the operation time of refrigerants and reduce the energy of the refrigerator compressor can also improve In lighting using 9W or 12W bulbs instead of other 100W or 150W bulbs, the difference is very large between the two, although LED lighting is better and more efficient than old Tungsten bulbs. Death to reduce energy consumption and savings and the thermal insulation can be placed on the walls, which will reduce the use of adaptations in the warm air and reduce the use of heaters in cold weather, and this is savings in energy use and improves efficiency and thus lower cost and it is very necessary to separate any device from energy when it is not needed to use it, this is one of the most important means of energy conservation and management. There are too many examples in these areas and the future global plan is to save energy and maintain it as carefully as possible to provide better performance with higher efficiency

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Wind power is used to produce electricity a type of renewable energy
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