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Williams Brice Stadium Essay

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Williams Brice Stadium appears to be just another college football stadium, but one step through those gates proves it’s a loud exciting and full of heart place. From the band playing, cheers and chants being yelled. The smell of stadium food and the garnet and black color that surrounds you will leave you with the feelings of excitement and a love of college football.

Williams Brice Stadium is home to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks football team. Game days at the stadium are the most exciting, thrilling, and full of spirit.

From the moment you walk through the gates the sounds of the Mighty Southeast Gamecock marching band, playing “2001” and “Step to the Rear” fill your ears. Pumping the fans up for the game that lies ahead. Throughout the game you will hear many cheers and chants being yelled; but none like the famous “Game Cocks”! The 86,000 plus fans become divided, one half yells “Game”, while the other half yells “Cocks”! Making it and Williams Brice Stadium one of the loudest college football stadiums to be.

The food at the stadium is delicious typical stadium food. From popcorn, nachos, pizza, hotdogs, cotton candy, pretzels, all fill the walkway behind the seating; thus making your mouth water. All plastic containers are personalized with gamecock football history or design. Sometimes the lines can be a bit long, but so worth the wait. Everywhere you look you will see the colors garnet, black, and white. From bathroom walls, to the signs, banners, railings, letterings, and scoreboards all decked out with school colors. The 86,000 plus fans will all be wearing these beautiful, bold colors. Gamecock fans are some of the most dedicated, loyal, and full of team pride and spirit in all of college football.

Visiting Williams Brice Stadium is a very loud, exciting, unique, and full of spirit experience. From the band, to the chants, to the food and color that surrounds you. It’s a one of a kind college football experience. The excitement, the noise, the food, and the Carolina Gamecock pride of football and spirit will leave you longing to return to another game experience at Williams Brice.

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