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William Wordsworth: A Romantic Hypocrite

Wordsworth in his “Prelude” has presented a timeless piece of art, transfixed for eternities to come. He has made his words immortal by his imagination that gives the truth, which according to Keats is beauty. He equates beauty and truth through his imagination. This ode is a purely aesthetic rendition to signify the supremacy and impermanence of art over nature. Through his imagination, he not only enlivens the urn but makes it immortal through his poetry. Known for his non-political stance, and pure romanticism he captures the pleasures and pains of human passion and suffering in his works via his imagination.

The paper is an attempt to show how Wordsworth as a true romantic, had created a piece of art with the help of his imagination and had made it immortal for generations to come. The paper focuses on Wordsworth’s hypocrisy and his concept of who should be a poet. Wordsworth, in his Lyrical Ballads has said a lot about how poetry should be written and what should be the best suitable language of poetry.

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But in his poems he did not follow the rules which he explained in Lyrical Ballads. (Sir, you suggest any 1 or 2 poems of Wordsworth)

He further explains about the people who could be the best subjects of poetry and who could be apt poets. And in this regard, he gave preference to villagers over city dwellers. But at the same time he associates complex phenomena of life with simple villagers. Villagers, being simple people hardly have understanding of complexities of life.

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In a place in Lyrical Ballads, Wordsworth explains who the poet is “He is a man speaking to men, a man it is true, endued with more lively sensibility, more enthusiasm and tenderness.

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Who has a greater knowledge of human nature, and a more comprehensive soul, than are supposed to be common among mankind; a man pleased with his own passions and volitions, and who rejoices more than other men in the spirit of life that is in him; delighting to contemplate similar volitions and passions as manifested in the going-on of the Universe, and habitually impelled to create them where he does not find them” This explanation of poet who has to be simple villagers is too vague.

Even in his a slumber did my spirit seal he explained and highly abstract thoughts which bn be understood me a common man. Yet he said a poent has to be simple villager but he forgets that the poet which he m emotions are from lake district.

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