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William Shakespeares Taming of the Shrew Essay

“The Taming of the Shrew” is a play that shocked and entertained audiences in the Elizabethian era. The play was scripted by William Shakespeare, perhaps the most gifted writer that era had witnessed. William Shakespeare finalised the play in 1589 and it was thought to be one of his first plays. The position woman had and played in the Elizabethan era was cruel and bitter. Woman had no rights in literally anything; hence they were regarded as totally inferior to men. They were forced to stay at home to clean the home, cook the food, and bear children.

If they had servants they would just lend a hand. Girls weren’t permitted to attend school; subsequently they stayed at home entertaining themselves or helping their mothers ease their daily chores. “The Taming of the Shrew” is a Shakespeare classic, which addresses the rights woman had. The play is about two contrasting daughters, on their individual paths to marriage. “Bianca”, the younger of the two, is compared to an angel by many, whilst in contrast “Katharina” is portrayed as a “shrew”.

“Bianca” yearns to marry, but only can, once her intractable sibling “Katharina” agrees to. The main male character “Petruchio” forces his way in to Katharina’s astringent heart, initially for the money he will receive, once they marry. The audience are aware that he has a huge battle ahead to win her love and respect and in doing so he also falls in love with her. The first extract has a fundamental value in the play because it is the first time both Petruchio and Katharina meet each other face to face and have a conversation.

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At the point when they both meet, the audience already have an indication of Katharina’s personality, as they have just witnessed Katharina’s unrestrained rebelliousness and frightful attitude towards Bianca and her music teacher, and for that matter just about everybody else. The audience can already contemplate that Katharina is what the title portrays her as, namely the eponymous “shrew”. The tone in which she communes with people, especially and predominantly her father, is a reminder if any were needed, that it was considered rude for women to answer back men in the Elizabethan period, though these occurrences were rare.

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