William Shakespeare's Othello role in destroying marriages

In these two stories, the villains played an important role in destroying the happy marriages of the two protagonists. Through their planning and manipulation, they are able to destroy what these people cherish: their relationship with their loved ones. In William Shakespeare’s “Othello”, Lago played an opposing role against Othello’s position. Lago is portrayed as a man of Othello, who has the high position that the former serves. When Lago felt that another man was favored by him, he planned to disappoint Othello by destroying his happy marriage with Desdemona (Shakespeare).

In the story, we can see that when Othello agreed with his lieutenant Cassio instead of his ancient and ensign, Lago, Lago’s plan was the source of power. The embarrassing thing is that he envisioned every evil plan and plan he came up with. As an opponent of the story, we can say that Iago is very smart about his plan, trying to beat other characters and use it as a “tool” to defeat Othello.

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He was very successful in manipulating the protagonist, letting him believe that his wife was cheating on him.

Analysis of lago’s motivation, we can say that his reasons are very shallow. The way to cause things to happen is his embarrassment. But there is no need to worry. He has an advantage in Othello’s men. He thinks that Cassion is more popular than him, because it is the most trusted of Othello. If Othello does not believe in him, then the story will not lead them to the way.

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But Othello trusts lago. He is very convinced of him, leading to his happy marriage, his downfall, the death of his wife, and ultimately, the destruction of his own death. The person who suffered the most in this story is Othello. With Lago’s plan, Othello lost his trust in his wife. His belief in his relationship collapsed because Lago stirred his thoughts. As a tall man, Othello does not have to be unfaithful to his wife. But because of his insecurities, Lago managed to play with his emotions. As a “different” person, Othello thinks his wife is not satisfied with him. He is a Moorish man in Venice, a dark-skinned man in the white land. Because of these insecurities, his suspicion turned into hatred. This hatred led him to kill Desdemona, only to discover that it was the behavior of all lago. In Henrik Ibsen’s “Doll’s House,” the protagonist is Krostad, who is on the verge of losing his job. He is an employee of the protagonist Torvald. Torvald is the husband of Nora Helmer, and their relationship as a married couple is an example of a happy marriage in society. But happiness doesn’t last long, as long as Crostad plans his own way to get himself off work that he doesn’t want to lose (Ibsen)

All actions stem from his keeping his job. Nora Hellmer is very unfortunate. He used this secret to try to avoid being fired. This is the reason for Kromstad because he knows a secret Norah’s head who is online, worried that her secrets may be discovered by others, especially her husband. The only benefit of Krostad’s request for his silence was to let Norah persuade his husband not to fire him. However, all of Nora’s efforts were in vain and could not save Krogstad’s work. Therefore, Krogstad chose to uncover Nora’s secret at the expense of Nora and Torvald’s happy marriage. After all, Krogstad has nothing to lose. Looking at the reasons for Krostad’s actions, we can say that he is on the verge, which is why he was forced to extort Nora just to save him. This is his job, he really doesn’t want to use it. In fact, he knew he had the option, and he chose to use that option in exchange for everything he might lose might be considered a bad guy, Krogstad, but his actions showed that fate forced him to do what he did. Already done. This has nothing to do with keeping Nola’s secret just to save her shame or marriage. This is his own battle, he must fight everything he has. The only weapon he was storing at the time was the secret of Norah.

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William Shakespeare's Othello role in destroying marriages

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