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Research Guide to Biography

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is a highly respected writer in modern day. But, in my research I discovered that Shakespeare is an imaginative, lonely, depressed person. I figured this out after I looked deeper into Macbeth his last play he wrote before he died. I also learned that depressed teenagers always turn to Shakespeare for comfort. Shakespeare’s life is a fake smile on the outside, but inside it is dark and lonely. Shakespeare is an imaginative person writing his plays.

First, he uses many graphic scenes in all his plays. For example, during Romeo and Juliet Romeo kills himself when he figures out Juliet is dead (Sanders, 39). Also, he uses mystical creatures A Midnight Summers Dream . For instance, all the fairies that are named Puck, Oberon, Titania (Sanders, 62). During the last years of Shakespeare’s life he was a very lonely person. Then, Macbeth has a lot of negative characterization toward the women.

For example, Shakespeare based Macbeth’s on his wife’s death (Franks, 27). Next, Shakespeare uses Romeo and Juliet to show how lonely he was without his wife. To show this, in many ways after Romeo and Juliet kill themselves shows love after death (Targoff, 67). In most of Shakespeare play’s he made them depressing to show how he felt. First, he shows how depressed he is when he only writes mostly tragedies. For instances, when he gives hamlet depression throughout the play (Carroll, 34).

Lastly, Shakespeare last play Hamlet show how depressed he was after he lost his wife. Finally, Hamlet shows that depression is a main key during the play. Shakespeare always appeared as happy but, was slowly dying on the inside. I come to conclude that Shakespeare is a depressed, imaginative, and lonely person. He was greatly respected man for his plays. Worked Cited: Carroll,Joseph”Interntinational Meaning of Hamlet: An Evolutionary Perspective Style. Fly,Richard.

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