William Jefferson ‘Bill’ Clinton’s Speech after the Oklahoma Bombing Essay

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William Jefferson ‘Bill’ Clinton’s Speech after the Oklahoma Bombing

Bill Clinton’s speech after the Oklahoma bombing is a ceremonial type of speech. Key circumstances: bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, justice for bereaved families, financial and government support for restructuring of the city 2. What did you observe about the speaker on a nonverbal level? Were there any distractions nonverbally? If so, what were they and what would you advise the speaker to do next time? The speaker is able to communicate empathy to his audience through his nonverbal cues.

His body language is congruent with and matches his spoken language. Moreover, his maintenance of eye contact in appropriate moments communicates sincerity. Furthermore, his facial expression shows that he is genuinely concerned about the situation of the bereaved people in Oklahoma. It is commendable that the speaker’s nonverbal cues do not distract the audience from his verbal speech. More importantly, his nonverbal cues help in the delivery of his speech. 3. Did you think the speech have a strong beginning and a strong conclusion?

If not, what did you observe was the main problem? Yes, the speech has a strong beginning and strong conclusion. The speech started by coming from where the people are in that moment. Clinton talked about the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that the people and government share about the Oklahoma bombing. In this context, Clinton is able to catch the attention and interest of his audience into listening more of his speech. As the speech concludes, he is able to communicate the ‘moral of the story’ in a sense that American people should keep the memory of their loved ones.

Clinton also spoke of standing up against the evildoings, an example of which is the bombing, and stand strong as Americans. 4. Were there any “ums” or “you knows” or awkward pauses in the speech? Can you say what made the speech successful or unsuccessful, in your opinion? Use material from the textbook to support your opinions. There were no awkward pauses and unnecessary filler words in the speech. Clinton’s pauses were appropriate in order to let important points in his speech sink in the audience’s minds.

Also, these pauses help in identifying the major contents of his statements. The speech is successful because the statements and paragraphs form a coherent flow of thoughts. The speech is also able to convey genuine emotions from the speaker. The speaker is able to get his message across his audience by emphasizing on important key points, pausing in appropriate times, and delivering his speech sincerely through his tone of voice or speech. 5. Did you observe any critical moments in the speech where the speaker was particularly effective in getting their point across to the audience?

Why was it effective? A critical moment in Clinton’s speech was when he said, “We pledge to do all we can to help you heal the injured, to rebuild this city, and to bring to justice those who did this evil” (Clinton para. 4). This statement from him received applause from the audience. This is effective because the speaker was able to communicate empathy to those who are bereaved at the same time that he communicates that this empathy does not stop or end with an empty speech.

Rather, he implies that the government will take action in helping the community to recover from the disaster in terms of emotional, financial, and spiritual aspects. This suggests that the city will be given aid in restructuring their community physically and justice will be sought in favor of the families. Works Cited Clinton, William J. ‘William J. Clinton: Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Speech’ 1995. YouTube. Web. Clinton, William J, ‘Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Prayer Service Address. American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches. Web.

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