Will you gain weight if you stop your workouts suddenly?

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Have you ever had a situation where you stop going to the gym at once and gain back all that weight you’ve lost??

Well, not necessary. There are several factors to be considered in this scenario.

Firstly, let me tell you the basics of gaining weight.

Look, there is a mechanism called Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) in your body. We all need to understand that our body requires energy for its internal processes such as digestion, breathing, blood circulation, muscle contraction, brain and nerve activities, etc.

Thereby, your body is consuming calories while you rest. Interesting Right?!

Therefore if the amount of calories if you consume is more than the amount of calories that is used by the body ie, your RMR+ The energy spend on your daily activities, then you are likely to put on weight and vice versa. Got it?

Whereas if you concentrate on controlling your calories while not working out, you will not gain weight.

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Weight loss is not a rocket science people!

But I would like to focus your attention into several other factors.

  • While you stop working out, you will find a great change in your metabolism. What not you eat, your metabolic rate will just kill it.
  • You will lose your stamina and your muscular endurance fast- Do you get tired really fast?! Lack of exercise is the reason. Gaining cardiovascular endurance is on among the key to lose weight. The main reason behind it is that you lose the mitochondria which are the mini-factories within your muscle cells that convert oxygen into energy.

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    Studies show that there is an average reduction in VO2 levels to 11.3% if you stop your workouts.

  • There are also reports published in 2014 that shows your blood pressures rises due to the lack of exercise. Of course, there are other means to control your blood pressure such as reducing dietary sodium and managing stress, but you have probability of increasing your chances of risk.
  • Bone density reduces- This is an obvious reason if you stop your exercises. There will be serious differences of the mass within your bones as a result of which you are prone to muscular atrophy ie, loss of muscle fibers. Since you are not pushing your muscles to its maximum, they will begin to shrink replacing its place with fat. Thus you will lose you lean and long look. Terrible right?!
  • Functioning of brain changes- Your chances of increasing the age related memory loss increases. This is mainly because the amount of capillaries (the cannels that carries blood to the brain) and the amount of mitochondria reduces. Thus there is a significant reduction in the cell growth hippocampus, an area that is responsible for learning and memory.

Bottom line: According to fitness experts, taking a break for 3-4 days maximum is completely fine. That is your necessary recovery. You have complete right to it. We are human beings and not any supernatural force! We need a break. C’mon everyone deserve a vacation. But extending your vacation might prove to be disastrous. So, don’t be lazy for too long. Gain all your strength and motivation and hit your workout sessions with all your might and soul.

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Will you gain weight if you stop your workouts suddenly?
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