Will Wearable Technology Catch On

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Phones are very common nowadays but will wearable, useful, and fashionable technology ever catch on? Wearable technology includes smart watches, shoes, glasses, clothing, and more, some of which have already been produced already. Wearable technology will not catch on because consumers want something that interprets data differently than their cell phones, the really expensive price tag, and the battery life is questionable.

Consumers want something that interprets their data differently than their cellphones. Consumers when buying theses wearable devices are looking for how standalone they really are and how much they really depend on the user’s phone.

A lot of people use their wearable technology while working out and making these devices count more than steps would be useful because the consumer would want something better not just only to help improve their workouts, but improve their day using different applications on this wearable technology. ‘Meanwhile, smart wearables are also evolving,’ Llamas continued. ‘Health and fitness remains a major focus, but once these devices become connected to a cellular network, expect unique applications and communications capabilities to become available.

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This will also solve another key issue: freeing the device from the smartphone, creating a standalone experience’ (BusinessWire). Wearable technology also has a really big price tag. For example, the new Apple Watch is “Starting at $399”(apple). That is just for the non-cellular version, for the cellular version it will cost you almost $500. More watches range from $500 to $1000 depending on the options that you have. While the opposition states that wearable technology can provide more accurate health, driving, and activity information for people, however, the battery life on these technologies are questionable.

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“Some do come with excellent single-charge expectancy yet the quoted battery life usually accounts for the stasis of minimal usage such as ‘Standby’ or simply showing the time; the power often evaporates when interaction levels are increased (undermining their appeal)” (Wade). Having to constantly recharge all of your shirts, watches, and more will get annoying after time until later new products come out.

Wearable technology will not catch on because of the consumers dissatisfaction with it not being able to standalone completely, the price is just way too expensive, and the battery life is questionable on how well it is for each product. Consumers want something that interprets data better than there phones and provides them more with information they already get from phones. Most wearable technology is not going to be on the cheapside which discourages the consumer. Consumers would like to see more consistency and longer battery life in their wearable devices than all of them ranging in good to bad battery life. In the future, wearable technology could improve and possibly increase the customer satisfaction with all their wants and needs in new technology that will make it eventually catch on.

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