Will Internet Make People Have Less Friends in the Real Life?

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When comparing Alice Mathias’s article “The Facebook Generation”, and Brent Staples’ “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up In Cyberspace”

an explicit idea appears in my mind: will the internet make us have less friends in the real life?

Currently, people are making friends more easily than before, they could use chatting software to meet new friends, and they also could find friends who have the same hobbies as themselves, such as playing some kinds of online games, but all these new relationship are established just based online.

So many people believe that internet makes theirs life better and give them chances to make more friends than before. In contrast, I think internet make people have less friends in the real life because they spend much more time interact with their online friends and less time interact with their friends in real life. The highly development of Internet indeed make people become more silence than before in real world.

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This is because people have fewer interactivities with their parents, relatives, and friends when these appliances such as computers take up all their time.

People used to play games, watching TV and talk about the plots, share jokes and gossips, and sing songs together to make fun with family members before the invention of Internet, but when the Internet programs get into people’s eye sight, all the circumstance has been changed. The family numbers are no longer willing to sit together for interactivities, instead they are more likely to surf online and have no conversation with each other.

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Relatives do not drop around frequently unless some relatively important celebrations happen. Friends are no longer making a call to each other during the dinner time.

They put all their inner resources into the “tiny screen. ” It is definite that being addicted to Internet will make people’s relationship more superficial than before. Some people may think they can talk to them online and share some interesting staff with them, such as using chatting software and face book. They believe their relationship will get better in that way. But sometimes it will bring people an uncomfortable feeling that why do not talk to me directly and are you trying to avoid me in real life? Online games possess a high impact to life nowadays.

It gives people so much fun and makes people relax when they play it. But everything is a double-edged sword, playing much online games will make people addicted to it. When people begin to addict to the online games, they are communicating more with their friends in the games. Definitely, they will spend more time on internet and their online friends. The bad result for them is that they subtract the time to interact with their parents and friends in real life. I have a friend whose name is James, he like to play warcraft which is a famous online game all over the world.

Every time I went to his dorm, he was playing that game. He always talk to me that how many people he killed in the game, how many honors he get from the game, and how many friends he makes in the whole world. He told me that he has more friends than before, they have the same hobby which is playing warcaft, and they met each other every day online. But when I asked him how many day you are not meeting his real friends, he told me that he has not meeting them for about two month. I asked him why not take time and hang out with his friends, his answer shocked me.

He said that he do not want to waste time to do that because he need to playing games with his online friends and he do not need so much real life friends since he could get happiness from his online friends. His online friends bring much more fun than his real friends. When I asked him how many friends you have are keeping contact you right now in real life, he told me he only has 2 friends that usually talk to him, the first is me, the other one is his roommate.. Online chatting makes people’s life easier, at the same time; they make many people lose their real friends.

Sometimes people could meet their real friends online, but people may shame to talk to real friends online because they may have some privacy and complains that do not want their friends knows. But for an unfamiliar person, they do not consider so much. It is not good for he and his real friends because they have no communication between each other. We could see this condition in facebook that some people have thousands of friends in facebook but have real friends no more than five. Facebook for students life is the one of the most popular chatting software all over the world.

People could find friend world widely, no matter what country people are coming from, what background they are, what religious belief they have, what personalities they have, etc. It is a useful tool to make new friends online, share your own profiles include your beloved photos and videos, and chatting instantly when you are boring. It is somehow become a necessity for young peers in recent society. But it also brings questions to us to consider, that is whether our socialization should be changed by this new item. Alice Mathias claims “Facebook did not become popular because it was a unctional tool-after all, most college students live in close quarters with the majority of their Facebook friends and have no need for social networking. ” Actually, many people enjoy this kind of online chatting, because they do not need to meet someone in real life, they could talk about whatever they wants to the computer screen, and they are not responsible for what they say even cheating, because so many people use nick name when they talk to others, even somebody make comments and say some words anonymously.

In conclusion, Internet may make much fun for people’s life such as play online games, listening music we want, watch interesting movie what we like, and allow people to make more friends than real life. But over addict to the internet will make us isolated to the real world. Everyone needs to correspond to the real world, though you can almost do everything through Internet. We need real friend in our normal life. Because these people are the ones you always interact with in the real life, they are the persons whom stay with you when you upset and they are the persons who always help you and never cheat you.

These people may not benefit you currently, but you will find a real friend is more helpful sometimes because everyone may face adversity in his or her whole life. Although chat online may make us happy and bring us sense of mystery when talk to unfamiliar people, the common socialization should not be substituted especially when you need friends in our real life. Take a minute and think about for a second who could help you immediately and who could give you the most reasonable advice, a real friend or an online friend?

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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