Will Chinese Becomes an International Language? Essay

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Will Chinese Becomes an International Language?

I think Chinese will become more important than English as international language in the future. And I will explain the reasons from different points of view, includes economy, population of Chinese and the effort made by Chinese government promotes Chinese learning.

First of all, more people take Chinese language as an important language. The position of China becomes more crucial over the world as Chinese economy increases rapidly and keeps pace in GDP growth. David Teather (2010) stated that China replaces japan as the world’s second large economy and some experts expected that America will be over by china in the future. As china has become second large financial system all over the world, more and more people overseas are willing to learn Chinese to communicate with Chinese in order to enhance the progress on trade. Learning Chinese already is a trendy that Chinese becomes the potential target on international transaction.

Secondly, Chinese speakers in the population are large. David (2012) pointed out that, the population of china is around 1.3 billion, and the world’s population is approximately 6.7 billion. That means Chinese is twenty percent in the population of the world. In the other words, every five people have one from Chinese. Simply, there are twenty percent people who speak Chinese. Indeed, apart from china, there are still other countries take Chinese as official language and second language, such as Singapore and Malaysia. One of the elements to be an international language is popularity. So in this paragraph, we can realize that Chinese is common among the world, and it is benefit for Chinese to be an international language.

Thirdly, the effort made by Chinese government promotes Chinese learning over the world. In the article – Confucius Institutes, Confucius Institutes, which are non-profit public and set up by the Government of the People’s Republic of China. What Confucius Institutes do is promote Chinese language and culture, support local Chinese teaching internationally. As of October 2010, there were 322 Confucius Institutes and 337 Confucius Classrooms in 94 countries and regions (Quoted from Wikipedia, Dec, 2012). With such an effort of Chinese government and the population of Chinese, Chinese will be a common language over the world.

To conclude, with the expansion of Confucius Institutes, large population of Chinese and the consistently increasing in economy of China, Chinese to be an international language in future will be within expectation.

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