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Will America Ever Achieve True Equality

Although America should be equal, it unfortunately is not. This is for many reasons. Because citizens throughout the country do not have the same opinions on racial equality and gender neutrality, not everyone will come together and agree on certain rights or views. Also, racial equality is a big part of the problem. Many people do not believe blacks deserve the same rights as whites do. This has been a problem since slavery first started and is a huge topic in the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

America as a whole will never achieve true equality because everyone has different opinions on the topic.

Racial equality has been a problem ever since slavery first started. Other races used African Americans as their slaves and treated them poorly because they felt superior over them. Slavery was a huge problem and throughout the years, many people tried to end this problem; but none were successful. The biggest impact a person made on stopping slavery was when Martin Luther King Jr.

stood in front of thousands of people and stated his opinion on the topic of slavery. This made many realize how much of a problem slavery had become and helped start a movement to stop it. Even though slavery is not an issue in America anymore, racial equality is still an issue and it would be nearly impossible to get everyone in the mindset that each and every person is equal no matter what color they are. The of racial equality; specifically slavery; is mentioned many times throughout the book To Kill A Mockingbird.

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It states how whites were superior to the inferior black race. Atticus and his children viewed Calpurnia as a close member of the household, but Aunt Alexandria thought she was a slave and should be treated such.

Even if everyone in America had the same views on racial equality, it still would not make this country equal. For one, men and women still are not viewed at equal. In spite of the fact that women have rights to vote and be a part of the military, they are still viewed as the weaker sex which carries a lot of stereotypes. Another problem is that there are many people living in poverty throughout the country. Seeing someone that lives in a mansion and is rich would not be equal to someone that is poor and living under a streetlamp. Of course, there are millions around the world fighting everyday to end world hunger and there has been a huge decrease in poverty. Even still, it would be extremely difficult to completely diminish world hunger and have everyone own enough money and have a house or somewhere to live. In To Kill A Mockingbird, it is made clear that the town is poor as it says in chapter 20: “A day was 24 hours long but seemed longer. There was no hurry, for there was nowhere to go, nothing to buy and no money to buy it with.” This tells the reader that times were hard when this story took place.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opinions on America being equal which might be for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if a person was brought up or raised a certain way that taught them that other races are not equal to them or that another gender isn’t viewed as the same, then they will be conditioned to think that as they grow older. Secondly, if someone; for example; had a bad experience with the opposite race, in might put them in the wrong mindset and make them automatically dislike anyone of that race. Every single person will not agree with the idea of equality because each and every person has their own opinions and reasonings for what they believe. As the generations go on, kids are not being taught that everyone is equal as much as they should be. During a student’s education, slavery may come up as a topic in history class once a year, which is not enough to push the idea of how wrong it was. Students need to be taught that everyone is equal and that it is a very important concept. This also depends on how a child is raised and what they are eventually normalized to think because of what they see and hear.

In conclusion, it would be extremely difficult to near impossible to get America fully equal in every concept of life.

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