Wildlife Preservation Essay

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Wildlife Preservation

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing two large figures looking down at you. They begin to chase you and your family out of your home, as much as you want to try and defend yourself you cannot because you are too small and weak to fight them. After they finish chasing you, you and your family watch from a distance and can see those two figures destroy your home and everything in it with a big machine, and so now you have lost your home and need a new place to live. Unfortunately many animals know what it is like to be homeless. More and more animals across Canada are losing wildlife areas that they need in order to survive. Animals are loosing wildlife areas because of construction, deforestation, excessive building, over hunting, pollution and more. Animals should be able to live safely in their home or evacuated to another place if it is absolutely necessary. Animals should be treated equally and fairly just like us human beings and wildlife should be preserved and not destroyed by humans, if not very soon many species of wildlife will become extinct. It is our duty as human beings created in the image of God to help out others that are not able to help themselves. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today I am going to be talking about wildlife preservation.

Animals are being killed unnecessarily, for fur coats, sport, entertainment and more. Killing wildlife unnecessarily for fur coats, sport and for entertainment is inhumane. Each year 50 million animals are brutally killed for their fur worldwide. These animals are kept in fur farms where they live in small cages that barely hold the animals. In those cages the animals feel out of place as they are not in their natural environment, this causes the animals to feel stressed. In a few months the animals are either clubbed to death, electrocuted or are killed with bare hands. They are later stripped
of their fur and are thrown away. Blood sport is any sport or entertainment that involves violence against animals. These usually involve blood being drawn, and often result in the death of one or more animals. Hunting puts a lot of stress on animals, the noise, the fear, and the constant chasing severely restrict their ability to eat adequately and store the fat and energy they need to survive. Hunting also disrupts migration and hibernation. For animals like wolves that mate for life and have big families, hunting can severely harm entire herds. Each year worldwide over 10,000 animals are killed for entertainment. In some countries people make two animals fight for amusement and have bets over the fights. Animals killed in these games include; monkeys, bears, lions, birds, insects and foxes. The sad part is that mostly children are the ones involved and take part in these bets.

Due to wildlife being threatened and endangered, it is possible that by the year 2020 many species of wildlife will become extinct.
Approximately 12 out of 5000 species will become extinct. It may seem that 12 out of 5000 is a very small fraction, but it is not. Just think that in 10 years based on people’s current attitude towards wildlife, 12 species all around the world will be wiped out of existence. There are so many species that exist in the world that scientists and environmentalists have not yet discovered. In fact it is very possible that a large number of species of animals have gone extinct without us even realizing they existed. Just last month Wildlife researchers said they had discovered about 120 new species on Borneo island, including a lungless frog, the world’s longest insect and a new species of slugs. The conservation group World Wildlife Fund had been finding on average three new species a month and about 123 species over the last three years, with at least 600 new species found in the last 15 years. Future generations will not have the opportunity to see the wonderful wildlife creatures that exist today. Many of the animals that we see today may not be here in a few more years. People fail to understand wildlife is an important world issue. People just do whatever they want and do not realize their actions will harm the environment. For example; millions of trees are being cut down in the rainforest which is home to over more than half of the world’s estimated 10 million species of plants, animals and
insects. Our world depends a lot on wildlife. Without even one species of wildlife, our world could drastically change. For example, if one species becomes extinct it’s prey may begin to over populate which will disrupt the ecosystem’s natural cycle and cause chaos in that area (this usually happens with exotic species). So, without a certain type of animal in existence, we might not have certain types of plants, fruits and vegetables. If wildlife is not saved then the food chains will be adversely affected. It is the concern about wildlife that reminds us not to destroy it and wildlife areas which are the only natural habitats for wild animals to live in. If we do not protect wildlife now, in a couple of years the Earth’s environment could change drastically.

As Catholics, we believe we are created in the image of God and it is our duty to help those who cannot help themselves. A great way to preserve wildlife is to protect it. This can be accomplished by purchasing eco-friendly products that are not harmful to the environment. These products do not have to be thrown out; they can be recycled and have less plastic. They can be reused again or simply donate portions of the purchase to help save wildlife. Great examples of these products are Tide detergent concentrated bottles that use less plastic, glass bottles that can be reused and refilled and Dawn- with each purchase of a Dawn bottle, Dawn donates 1 dollar to the International Bird Rescue Research Center and the Marine Mammal Center. These organizations clean wildlife that is affected by oil spills. Another way of helping preserve wildlife is by using biodegradable products whenever possible. Create wildlife friendly areas in your backyard that will attract wildlife. Plant native plants that can provide food and shelter to native wildlife. This will also help cut down on pollution. Add bird houses to your yard or garden to attract and shelter these species. Try to live a “Greener life”. By conserving water and fossil fuels, you will be helping to protect the wildlife around you. Use public transportation when you can, turn off electric devices when they are not in use and take shorter showers. Become knowledgeable about what contributes to global warming, which disrupts migration patterns and habitats.

Do not purchase products made from threatened or endangered animals.
Remember that some endangered animals are killed by traps or hunters who are after other wildlife within the same habitat. If you buy those products, you are just helping that company even more. Donate money or time to organizations that protect wildlife and their habitats, join a community group that helps rebuild native habitats for wildlife. Donate money to wildlife sanctuaries or other groups that protect wildlife species. Write letters to a local newspaper, and discuss ideas with family and friends to help animals. Inform your family and friends about the importance of wildlife preservation.

Animals should be treated equally and fairly just like us human beings and wildlife should be preserved and not destroyed by humans, if not very soon many species of wildlife will become extinct. It is our duty as human beings created in the image of God to help out others that are not able to help themselves. In my essay I have informed you about how animals are being killed unnecessarily, for fur coats, for sport and for entertainment, that due to wildlife being threatened and endangered, it is possible by the year 2020 many species of wildlife will become extinct and that as Catholics created in the image of God it is our duty to help out others who cannot help themselves. Remember, there are millions of wildlife species in the world and not all of them have been discovered. Scientists are finding new species all the time like the lungless frog, the new species of slugs and more, if we do not help preserve the wildlife now many new species that are unknown to humans could become extinct, species that are even more amazing than the ones found already.


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