Wildest Weather in the Solar System Essay

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Wildest Weather in the Solar System

On February 20 2012, me and my daughter went to the Gates Planetarium in Denver to see the showing of the Wildest Weather in the Solar System. The first thing we did was to walk around the Space Odyssey and explore some of the exhibit they had. Then we went to see the show which I must say was far more thrilling then I or my daughter could have imagined. When you first walk into the Space Odyssey you are amazed it almost looks as thought your walking on to a spaceship or what I would imagine it to be like. When you go thought the entrance you walk into a very long white tunnel with different colored lights all around you.

The first exhibit we seen when we emerged from the tunnel was a very lager replica of the earth rotating around and also it look to be tilted my guess to represent the 23 1/2 tilt that the earth has. The next exhibit we seen was the recreation of the surface of mars or more specifically the Candor Chasma Canyons with 15,000 foot cliffs. The last exhibit we looked at before we had to go into the show was of a museum host talking about the Kuiper belt which is kind of like a asteroid belt but instead of being all rock, ice and metal the Kuiper belt is mostly frozen methane, ammonia and water.

The wildest weather show was pretty amazing with the screen all around us creating a dome and every thing else being completely dark it make for a great experience me and my daughter shall not forget. First we travel to the sun and inside the core is a thermal nuclear fusion reactor creating energy which is transported to the surface where it becomes twisted in the powerful magnetic fields, the fields open up to allow burst of solar winds. Then we were off to Mercury who is in the path of the solar storms from the sun.

The solar winds blast the atoms right off the planet creating a tail of particles stretching a million and a half km into space. Then we went on with are journey of the solar system to Venus. Venus has high winds and toxic clouds of sulfuric acid. On its surface Venus is a oven because of green house gases that are trap from the thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide as a result the average temperature is 460 degrees Celsius making it the hottest planet in the solar system. The last planet I’m going to tell you about that we visited is Mars.

Mars is a frozen desert coated in layers of dust. Mars weather can create dust devils from the warming of the sun the hot air rises meeting the cold air to make Martian dust devils that can reach 8 km high. Also at certain times the wind can lift giant clouds of dust off the surface engulfing the planet in a globe dust storm. In all I would just like to say that from all I learned about the different planets in are solar system I think we are very lucky to have a unique place like earth to call home.

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