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Essay on Wild Animals

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Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Biologist." Animal Careers. About, N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2013. "Wildlife Biologist, (discontinued)." OCCinfo. Allis Alberta, Feb. 03. Web. 18 Jan. 2013. "Wildlife Biologist." Welcome! N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2013. “Wildlife in Black and White.” Africa is a Country. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2013 Wilson, Ellen. "How To: Become a Wildlife Biologist." Mata...

Stop Poaching

The answer is no, there is a clear difference between both of them. Well, obviously that poaching is illegal and hunting is not, and that poaching is the illegal act of killing animals out of season, without a license, with a prohibited weapon, or in an illegal manner. If you hunt without a license that is considered poaching, and poaching is hunting without the approval of the person who owns the...

Never Cry Wolf

In conclusion, human beings are responsible for the surrounding environment. This involves observing the safety of all animals in and outside the wild. This is however, not the case in that the number of wild animals continues to diminish due to the human activity. The wolves are one of the animals that continue to face the wrath of human beings. The analysis of the book is thus ideal for the educ...

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The Philippine Wildlife

They provide rescue centres all over the country who take temporary custody and care of all confiscated, abandoned and donated wildlife to ensure their welfare and well-being. DENR implemented rules and regulations on conserving the country’s wildlife resource and their habitats for sustainability. It is entitled “The Wildlife Act: RA No. 9147”. In general, the DENR-PAWB is the primary gover...

Polar Bears

Hunting of polar bears as a food source by certain native people and trade in native handicrafts made from polar bears will also continue. However, importing polar bear products from Canada (where trophy hunting is legal) will be banned. Pollution from man-made kills polar bears also Use for humans past and present- pas was they were hunted for food and fur. Present still hunted but also hunted fo...

The Tasmanian Tiger

The next step in the process is making copies of the genes so they can be used to make synthetic chromosomes. Once this step is accomplished, an embryo could then be implanted into a similar species, such as a Tasmanian devil. The effects of mixing the genes of these two breeds are unknown. In humans, very small errors in DNA can result in birth defects. So a frequently asked question is: if somet...

The Mongoose - Small Meat Eating Animal

The problem the mongoose is causing is very real and worldwide. The job that they were made for is no longer being done but they are taking out whatever they can get their hands on. Overall I feel that the mongoose was made and used for a very good cause. At this point it seems that the species has got out of hand. I don’t know what can be done to wipe them out or control them. I think the best ...

Trying to Field Dress a Deer

Cutting muscle layer: After slicing the skin you want to turn the knife upward. Starting at the pelvis cut upward towards the breastplate like you did previously with the skin. To make it easier for you. You can use your freehand fingers and put them along side of the blade of the knife. While you are doing that make sure you are pulling up on the muscle tissue, so you don't accidently puncture an...

Grizzly Bear

Throughout history, the relationship between man and bear has varied greatly from time to time. While bears were once worshipped and highly respected, this is no longer the case as the majority of the human population believes bears are simply brutes, and nothing more. This sort of viewpoint, whether in the Utilitarian or Rights perspective, must be dropped as it on...

High Reserves

Other important literature has focused on coastal seabirds as conduits for improved terrestrial ecological productivity. Raptors can transport nutrients to the sand dunes through multiple channels such as their excrement, moulting and their own carrion. This in turn can provide fertilisation for increased vegetation which feeds detritivores and herbivores. Sequentially, this also fuels higher numb...

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