Why You Have to Wear Your Seatbelt Essay

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Why You Have to Wear Your Seatbelt

I’m only going to a friends house, it’s to uncomfortable to wear, I don’t need a belt I got an airbag, I’m a great driver why would I need a seatbelt? You’ve probably heard these excuses before, or even said some of them yourself. But you have no idea how wrong you really are. You need it on at all times while driving, otherwise something could go terribly wrong.

Here’s an example, lets say Danielle, and Doug are on their way to a big party that the whole school is going to be at. Doug is driving and Danielle is in the passenger seat. Both, of coarse, not wearing their seatbelt. And all of a sudden their favorite song comes on, so they turn it up real loud and are jamming to it. Getting pumped for this party that’s about to happen. Doug then starts fist pumping like a champ and takes his eyes of the road. Then just in the blink of an eye he swerves off the road, causing the car to start rolling, and rolling. Once it stops Dan is somewhere in the back seat and Doug was thrown through the windshield and laying by a tree.

Today I’m going to discuss seatbelt statistics in the U.S, and ways to prevent people from not wearing their seatbelt. I’ll also give a top ten list on why you should wear your seatbelt.

Did you know that in all of the fatal motor crashes, 56 percent of the people are teens 16 to 20 years old? This is because teens have the lowest seatbelt use out of everyone. That means that over half of thee people who died were about our age, and just for such a simple thing as not wearing a seatbelt.

Also, your chances of dying are lowered by 50 percent if you would have just buckled up. If I were Dan or Doug, I’d defiantly would have worn it knowing that my odds were that much better.

Also looking back at their “little” accident, being ejected from the vehicle is the most deadly thing that can happen in a car crash. Nearly 77 percent of people thrown out, will die. An if a 150 pound person is thrown out of a car that is going forty m/h, they will be thrown with a force or nearly 6,000 pounds. Doug would most likely be killed from that, and might even take out people in the line of fire.

Another fact is that women are more likely to wear their seat belts then men are by nearly 10 percent. That’s probably cause some guys can be to arrogant to think they need something that could help them, or even think that it doesn’t look cool to wear it. Well, I’d say that it looks a lot more cool to wear your seatbelt then to have to wear a full body cast.

Still, when asked 1 in 4 people would feel self conscious wearing a seatbelt if their friend wasn’t. However if they knew what could happen to them, for not wearing it they might just buckle up anyway and laugh at their friends.

Now lets talk about ways to prevent people from this silly little mistake.

-1 way you can prevent them from doing it is to just simply say hey dude put your seatbelt on. An if they say ill be fine just don’t pull away until they do. However, if your not the one driving try telling them how it’s against the law an it’s not worth it.

-2 another way to prevent them is to educate parents on how wrong it is to not wear their seatbelt. If they can understand it, then they can teach their children from an early age. This will just make it a natural thing to do for people.

-3 a third way to prevent people from not buckling in is to make sure that the fine for getting caught with out it on is enough to scare people into remembering to wear it. An even if it ends up being a little high, it really shouldn’t matter because it should be common sense to put it on. It’s as simple as life or death, which would you choose?

-4 Yet sometimes you have people who are really stubborn and try to make excuses as to why they don’t have to wear their seatbelt. They might try and think of exceptions like, I don’t want to wear it because of how people have died from wearing their seat belts. But if it came to this, just remind them that a seat belt saves your life way more than it will take your life away. It’s about a one percent chance that it’ll actually kill you.

-5. Another way to deal with a stubborn person could be to use a scare tactic. It could be something as simple as saying Oh dude I see a cop, buckle up real quick before he sees you! Believe it or not, studies show that that works most of the time.

Ok, so with some of these techniques lets see how Dan and Doug’s accident could have gone. Doug could have spoken up and said hey put on your seatbelt or I’m not driving us! Or maybe his parents could have made it more clear that they had to wear them. Then had they put on their seatbelts, they could have arrived at the party safe and sound, and possibly got in trouble for other reasons…

Well my top ten reasons why you should wear your seat belt.

10. It’s the law. Why would you want to go and break the law, and get a huge fine for something that takes 3 seconds to put on?

9. Faces and windshields don’t mix. Being thrown into your windshield and almost any speed could easily cause you to break your jaw or possibly even your neck.

8. Cars don’t fly and neither should you. So unless you want to be a cannon ball traveling with a force of 6,000 lbs I suggest you buckle up.

7. Your seat belt prevents you from banging around into other parts of your car. Kind of like how Dan got thrown around into the backseat. That would be a pretty painful experience

6. Airbags are practically useless without a seat belt. Some people think it may replace a seatbelt, but in reality it could end up doing more harm to you unless you have your seatbelt on. the airbags do not inflate when hit from a side or a rear collision.

5. No matter where you are going there’s always someone who will be happy to see you. Whether its on the way to your destination or on the way home why take the chance of never seeing them again?

4. It takes less time to buckle than to text someone. That means that saving your life is just as easy as sending a text saying hey was up dog?

3. Road rash isn’t attractive. Nobody wants to be scared with the images of you smeared all over the road.

2. Wrinkled clothes are a lot better than bloodstains. I’d rather be giving my mom wrinkled clothes saying yeah it was close but the seatbelt saved my life, than my mom having my blood stained clothes crying over my death.

1. Family..Family is always the most important thing, they love you no matter what and will always be there for you. So just buckle up so you can always be there for them.

Those are all my reasons why you should wear your seat belts. With those combined with the statistics, I hope I’ve convinced you that you have to wear you seatbelt, and that it’s incredibly dangerous if you don’t. Everyone remember, click it, or ticket.

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