Why Wisconsin Madison: College Admission?

I see grand, powdered valleys when I glide down Snowmass Mountain on my snowboard. Between such vast peaks, I am reminded of how small I am. Despite the spacious white that seems to freeze time in quiet eternity, the speed of this sport makes my adrenaline rush. I hope to continue my passion for snowboarding at The University of Wisconsin—Madison by taking the Adaptive Skiing and Snowboarding Facilitation course, offered to all UWM students. It is recommended that students should be proficient at snowboarding or alpine skiing.

I have been snowboarding for five years now, and I look forward to taking this course as an extracurricular activity.

More globally, I have come to know The University of Wisconsin—Madison as a school that is practical, versatile, and passionate. Snowboarding is just the start, for me and for the UWM curriculum. I intend to explore my interest in Chemical Engineering at your university, which is home to an Engineering World Health (EWH) chapter, an organization open to any science or engineering student who wants to improve the global status of human health.

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EWH presents an opportunity to put theory into action by allowing its members to travel to places in need of help. Furthermore, as someone with a multicultural background, I especially appreciate UWM’s diverse environment, which will introduce me to people with different values and experiences from all over the world. Given my interest in engineering, I value the opportunity to explore this breadth of moral values and to familiarize myself with the development needs of different countries.

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Hopefully, I will cultivate my global perspective in the process.

In addition, UW-Madison provides students with a variety of academic exchange opportunities at top universities around the world. I am particularly interested in the Chemical Engineering exchange program at the University of Leeds. Not only does it present an optimal learning environment, as there would be no language barrier, but it would also allow me to fulfil certain engineering requirements while exposing me to a different culture.

As for campus life, the Amateur Chamber Players draws my attention. Having played the accordion for over 13 years, I would love to join in as an accordionist, and if possible, take the chance to learn a new instrument. I am also interested in the East Asian Cultural Exchange (EACE) organization. Being one of the few international students at my high school, I lack opportunities to share my perspective and customs. While at UW-Madison, I will share my knowledge of my culture and absorb that of other East Asian countries through the EACE. I would be thrilled to spend the next four years at your university—snowboarding, traveling the globe, and making the next four years a true adventure.

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Why Wisconsin Madison: College Admission?

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