Why Was The Weimar Republic Unpopular Essay

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Why Was The Weimar Republic Unpopular

Why was the Weimar Republic unpopular in the years 1919-1923? Josef Wines The Weimer Republic was unpopular between the years 1919 + 1923 because of their democratic approach to government. They were not liked by the Germans because they were thought to have been ‘stabbed in the back´ after they agreed to sign the Treaty of Versailles.

Some of the reasons why the Weimer Republic was disliked were that Germans believed that by signing the Treaty, Ebert’s government had betrayed Germany. The Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany was not allowed an air force, the army had to be reduced to 100,000 men only and Germany was forced to pay reparations of £23 billon. Also Germany had to give up 10 per cent of its land; all of its overseas colonies and 16 per cent of its coal and 48 per cent of its iron industry. Signing the Treaty meant that Germany had to accept its defeat. The loss of overseas territory meant the dismantling of the German empire and the loss of Germany’s status as a superpower. The loss of colonies took away the German pride and hurt both emotionally as well as financially.Due to all these loses, the Germans got very angry and rebelled against its government.

There were many groups who rebelled against the Weimer Republic but the mainones were the Spartacus League and the Kapp Putsch.

The Spartacus League was a communist party which was inspired by the Russian revolution in 1917. They wanted a communist state in which everyone is equal. They were led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. The Spartacists main purpose was that they wanted Germany to be ruled by the workers council or the soviets.Early in the 1919 some anti-communist ex-soldiers formed themselves into a vigilante group called the Freikrops. Soon the Sparticists and the Freikorps fought bitterly and the Sparticists leaders were murdered.

Ebert’s government faced yet another problem. In March 1920 a right wing opponent had challenged Ebert. These opponents were mainly people who had grown fond of Kaiser’s dictation and wanted Germany to have a stronger and bigger empire but this was destroyed by Ebert signing the Treaty and changing Germany into a capitalist country. Dr Wolfgang Kapp led 5000 Freikorps into Berlin known as the Kapp Putsch. Germany’s army had refused to fire at the Freikorps but soon the Weimer Republicwas saved by industrial workers of Berlin who declared a strike which meant no transport, power or water into the capital. Within a few days, Dr Wolfgang Kapp realized his defeat and left the country.

In January 1923, Germany failed to make a reparations payment on time causing France to invade Ruhr. This humiliated the government, which ordered a general strike, and paid the strikers by printing more money causing hyperinflation. Also between the evening of 8th November and early afternoon on 9th November, the National Socialists German Workers Party unsuccessfully tried to seize power in Munich and Bavaria.

In conclusion, I think that the Weimer Republic were unpopular between the years 1919 + 1923 mainly because of the government agreeing to sign the Treaty which instigated rebellion and caused a chain of events.

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