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Why Was Jack the Ripper Never Caught Essay

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Jack the Ripper was a notorious serial killer, whom some believe never even existed at all. He was the first successful serial killer and no one knew the identity of Jack the ripper. He had great hatred of prostitute’s . Jack the Ripper is just a name given to an unidentified late 19th century murderer. No one actually knows who this person was or where he came from. Jack the Ripper targeted prostitutes in England and killed them by cutting their throats in two places (a new twist to a common method of murder).

After they were dead, he stripped and mutilated them by removing some of their organs (suggesting that he had some sort of surgical knowledge). He always used a knife. The nature of the wounds that he caused looked like rough surgery, leading the police to suspect that The Ripper may have been a doctor. His method of killing them though wasn’t the reason he wasn’t caught.

It was mostly a lack of forensic knowledge that made it hard for detectives to identify him.

Also, he remained in the shadows and killed only at night in areas that were not densely populated. Obviously he had great knowledge of the place the death was occurred. Due to this he knows where to go if he was caught. Another point is that there were too many suspects of who Jack the ripper was. One of the most suspicious person was called Francis Tumbelty who was most fitted in the Jack the ripper profile. He is a doctor; he hates women (Tumbelty had some bad experiences involving women.

He was arrested for the attempted abortion of a pregnant prostitute. Later he fell in love and married a woman who turned out to be a prostitute. ), he travels a lot, he has a collection of uteruses (Jack the ripper took most of the victims uteruses); he was in England when the murders took place and many more. One of the more intriguing aspects of the Jack the Ripper murders is the amount of worldwide newspaper coverage that they generated.

Pages and pages were given over to reporting on the inquests into the deaths of the victims; local residents were interviewed at length; police officers were followed, and sometimes even bribed, as reporters endeavoured to secure that all too elusive exclusive that might help sell more newspapers. The press or media highly criticized the police and these criticisms were published in the newspaper. Most of the public also agreed with the press and they really want jack the ripper to be dead. This puts the police under pressure and queen victoria was furious about this.

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