Why was Hitler so popular in Germany? Essay

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Why was Hitler so popular in Germany?

In this essay, I will be exploring the reasons why Adolf Hitler became so popular in Germany. I will reflect back on his promises to German citizens whilst also looking at his visions of the perfect world and how he thought he could achieve it. The first reason the Germans loved Hitler was because of how much they hated the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler promised Germany he would tear it up. The Treaty of Versailles was a signed agreement between the powers.

This was not popular with the German people, and put the country into an economic depression. Germans felt like they had been stabbed in the back because they were betrayed by their government. The German people loved Hitler’s decision to tear up the Treaty of Versailles if he came to power because they thought it would lead Germany out of depression. This was great for getting votes and becoming popular. The second reason the Germans loved Hitler was because they were poor and thought the Weimar government had failed them. Hitler told the German people that the government had let Germany down and explained his fear of Communists taking over.

Hitler was against Communism because they wanted everyone to be equal. Hitler reached out to unemployed men, telling them he would give them jobs. Due to hyper-inflation, men believed that Hitler could make things better for them. Hitler used the Jews and other parts of German society as scapegoats, blaming them for all Germany’s problems. He knew many Germans did not like Jews, so he told the German people it was the Jews fault Germany lost World War One. The third reason the Germans loved Hitler was because when he came to power, he started to make Germany successful and powerful again. He spent a lot of money on the army, and built up the economy.

He also gave away free holidays and trips. He became well appreciated. He then started an Olympic games, giving athletes a chance to compete in events. People were grateful for these opportunities, and they began to feel that Germany had a good future. The fourth reason the Germans loved Hitler was because people felt he had made Germany great again. He increased the size of the German army, and then marched into the Rhineland. This proved he was willing to challenge the establishment as marching into the Rhineland was strictly prohibited under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. This then helped build up strong support from the German people.

The allies initially chose to ignore his actions, making Hitler feel he could continue to break the regulations and do as he pleased. Hitler then decided to march in to the German speaking part of Austria. 99% of citizens voted to join Hitler. Taking back the land Germany had lost to Czechoslovakia, Sudetenland and Austria helped to restore power within the country.

The fifth reason the Germans loved Hitler was because of his ability to perform, as some Germans said, the perfect speech. Hitler used persuasive and emotive language to show dictatorship. He would often turn up for speeches late; sometimes 30 minutes, to build up excitement and tension within the crowd. His speeches were usually in beer halls, which was popular with the men. He created a very persuasive message in all of his speeches, which sometimes made crowds feel emotional.

Hitler was not popular with everyone, but the evidence presented shows many people supported him. In summary, through disregarding the Treaty of Versailles, building up support of the German people, boosting the economy and the size of the army and regaining lost land, Hitler became loved by the German people. I believe, his most important reason for gaining success was by threatening to tear up the Treaty of Versailles. I feel this way because it played a major part in boosting his popularity of the German people.

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