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Let’s Celebrate Veterans Day
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Is one of your family members a veteran? Did they support and protect this country while risking their lives, and missing their family, and friends. Many schools and businesses don’t celebrate Veterans Day. This has created a big social debate and made many people start the topic and argument whether we should take off a day for this national holiday.... Should we? As a son and grandson of a military veteran. I myself believe that Veterans Day should be celebrated…...
CelebrationWhy Veterans Day Is Important
20 Veteran’s Day Deals From Your Favorite Restaurants
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To honor the service of veterans and active members of the armed forces, a number of restaurant chains this Friday will offer discounts and free meals to this segment of the population.From Chipotle to iHop to Krispy Kreme, restaurants are showing their support on the holiday to all vets and active military personnel. Check out these 12 mouth-water restaurant deals.1. ChipotleBuy one entree item and get one free for any burrito, bowl, salad or tacos at restaurants across the U.S.…...
VeteransWhy Veterans Day Is Important
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