Why the World Should Be Living Smaller Essay

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Why the World Should Be Living Smaller

Why the world should not be living smaller. With an ever-changing world, we cannot afford to be living smaller for the sake of others, let alone ourselves. Our economy is already unstable as it is. If people decide to live smaller, the rotation of money will slow down, only aiding the cease of the economy. Wants drive the economy. People buy what they want, and that keeps money in circulation. The world survives on the economy, and having a slow circulation of money is not going to continue this.

When people stop buying maybe excessive, but enjoyable goods they are supporting you, as well as others. But if they stopped doing this, you wouldn’t receive the income. 9. 1% (roughly 730 million) of the population is currently unemployed in the world. With people deciding to live on less, this statistic is only going to rise and before we know it, some people won’t even be able to live all because others are living smaller. You may think that you are only one person, and that it won’t make much of a difference if you live smaller, but in the whole scheme it makes a big difference.

You not buying much means less money goes into the system and less money that goes to other people so that they can buy at least the bare necessities. Your money doesn’t just go to your benefit, it helps to support other people, so that they can then purchase products and enjoy them. If you don’t buy what you like, what good is there to life? All you’d be doing is working, if you are lucky enough to have a job. What is the point to life if it is dull, boring and not enjoyable?

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The only thing you’d like would be meeting with friends and family, but with a decreased amount of money around, it may become difficult to even afford to drive. Seriously, what fun is there in systematically working, eating and sleeping without any enjoyment in there? All you achieve through that is a wasted life. It’s not selfish to buy things you want for enjoyment! Buying wants should be considered as symbiotic rather than selfish. Symbiotic means that it benefits both stakeholders of the deal, like the rhino and tickbird. A tickbird will acquire a rhino companion and it will eat the ticks upon the rhino’s back.

This is symbiotic in the way that the rhino gets it’s ticks removed and the tickbird gets decent food. When you buy something you want, you get the item you’ve wanted and get to enjoy it, and the receiver of the money gets the money to buy things that they like. With an unstable planet on the geography side, we need to keep this money flowing in order to employ people to develop better ideas to keep our earth sustainable. With people buying decent amounts of wants, the garbage rate just goes exorbitantly high, but really we are only wasting stuff by not buying it.

When you purchase something you want, you are taking it off the shelf and avoiding it being thrown away, blatantly disregarded. Instead it goes to a place where it will be utilized. Once it’s time is done, if it is a material item, it may be able to be passed on to another person or even donated to an op shop. That deals with the material item recycling, but what about food? 60% of food that is brought gets thrown out nowadays, but we can only improve. There is a business around called OzHarvest and they collect the leftover food from restaurants each night and put it to use rather than it been thrown out.

Maggie Beer and Curtis Stone have released cookbooks that are entirely devoted to re-using leftovers, and compost gardens are becoming even more popular now that growing your own produce has recently boomed. All this is only positively contributing to the world and with all our advanced technology, there are bound to be more ways that will be created over the years. Whether the food is bought or not, it is always going to be wasted, and as mentioned earlier, it can only benefit rather than squander this produce.

Living smaller would only prove to the collapse of the system of the world, which could only result in disaster. Without a sufficient amount of money, people won’t be able to employ other people easily and if those people don’t have jobs, how are they supposed to buy what they need? Let alone what they want and to not have anything enjoyable in life would only be a waste of our life. I hope you now have a thorough understanding of the devastation that would occur if you chose to live smaller. Think of others if you decide to live smaller, as they would be the true sufferers of a foolish decision.

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