Why the United States Accept Refugees from Other Countries

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Why do we have to receive refugees from other country? Refugees are people who are forced to leave their country to get away from war. They seek for food, peace, security and home. There are a lot of countries who already accepted or still accepting refugees. There are very important reasons that shows why the United States of America should accept refugees. First of all, refugees can make our economy grow. According to the article “Refugees contribute to population and economic growth in Vermont.

” Dr. Tim Mahoney said, “They have contributed to strong population and economic growth,’ said Fargo’s mayor, Dr. Tim Mahoney.” If the refugees are here, they are going food pay their food, places where they live and etc. which comes with tax. In addition, the article says, “Thousands of young professionals flee Iraq; officials fear a “brain drain” states, “Iraq has suffered several wars in the last 35 years and because of this unrest, Iraq has long struggled to hold onto its talented people.

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”(article 3) Some countries are very serious about their talented or skilled people.

In contrast, countries who are experiencing wars can’t offer anything except pain or death. If we accept them, we can use their skills in business and eventually for economy. Finally, Refugee’s can help us fight terrorism. According to the article “PRO/CON: Should U.S. governors be able to block Syrian refugees?”, “The group’s fighters want to make Muslims the enemy of the West. They believe if that happens, millions of peaceful Muslims living around the world will join them.

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” If other countries who can offer a peaceful and better living like America did not accept them, they may think that there’s no other choices other than accepting the fact that they have to join the Islamic group. In addition, when we turn down those refugee’s we are actually “helping Islamic State by showing that our leaders want to turn away these desperate families, simply because they are Muslim”. Not receiving refugees in our country may have a bad effect on us. For example, this will just make Muslim or refugee’s think that America is an enemy which is not true. Accepting them means that everyone deserve a second chance and we are a nation who always want unity.

Other people may say that there can be some Islamic fighters that can slip in with the refugee’s. However, our security is too extreme for ISIS to make it through. Refugee’s have to stay in camps while the government are checking their personal identities. It is a long hard process before they can enter our country. This is a guarantee that there’s a very lowless possibility that a terrorist can enter America. Our country is a nation that accepts diversity and accepting refugees should be one of them. They can help us in making our economy better. Additionally, they can be a great help on fighting terrorism. Accepting refugees would be good decision for them and also for us. People should open their minds and hearts on good advantages on accepting these refugee.

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