Why the Germans Supported the Nazi Essay

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Why the Germans Supported the Nazi

There were many problems in post- World War One Germany. Among them were the political problems which included the three uprisings, The Spartacist Rebellion in 1919 which revolted across Germany eventually establishing a brief communist state in the province of Bavaria. There was The Kapp Putsch in 1920 who tried to overthrow the new republic and there was The Munich Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 that was led by Adolf Hitler and attempted to overthrow the Bavarian Government but failed. The economy of Germany was in vain who was in debt with the money it had borrowed before the war and now having to pay the reparations imposed on them by the Allies after the war.. The social problems included the Depression which brought along many troubles due to which many Germans were forced to beg, live in shanty towns, turn to a life of crime, woman becoming prostitutes.

Unemployed miners spent winters in unheated rooms and Families who couldn’t afford to pay rent or mortgages in big cities or towns often pitched tents in the woods on the outskirts or lived in makeshift houses. Hitler was seemingly able to offer solutions for all of these problems. He manipulated the emotions of the desperate German people by providing them with scrape goats. They blamed democrats, communists, intellectuals, liberals, gays and in particular Jews for the troubles of the German nation. They effectively offered the German people what other political parties were unable to, an outlet for all their anger, insecurity, frustration and shame. Therefore, the Nazi party exploited the social, political and economic problems of the Weimar Republic, allowing them to gain the support of the German people. To begin with, one of the most important reasons why the Germans supported the Nazi party was the strong feelings aroused by the Treaty of Versailles.

In it Germany had been punished by the Allies who demanded that Germany pay reparations which were a fixed sum of $400 billion given that the treaty took away around 10% of its industry and 15% of its agricultural land. Consequently, Germans felt bitter and helpless so they eagerly supported Hitler who promised to destroy the hated Treaty of Versailles rather than live by its edicts, rebuild their army and regain their national pride, all these ideas appealed to the public, Therefore the Germans supported the Nazi party regarding their strong feelings aroused by the Treaty of Versailles. A second reason people supported the Nazi party was because of the Depression, when six million Germans lost their jobs, their savings and their self respect. To these dejected people the Nazi party offered what they needed most, encouragement. Hitler used his talent of public speaking, drawing the attention of growing number of Germans, young and old, giving them heaps of vague promises while avoiding the details. He used simple catchphrases, repeated over and over. They believed in “The Big Lie” (tell a lie enough times and people will believe it).

Therefore people supported the Nazi party during the Depression. A third reason why the Germans supported Hitler and the Nazi party in such large numbers was the failure of the Weimar government’s political system. It had proportional representation which meant the number of seats a party had in Reichstag (Parliament) was based on the percentage of the votes that party received(10% of votes=10% of seats). Consequently, there were unstable governments and public suspicion of deals between parties, no party was able to ever have a majority or was ever strong enough to take on the gigantic task of rebuilding the much-depressed country. Hitler won the support of many because of his beliefs that the government should be run by the army and headed by a “strong-man” and that Democratic government should be outlawed as proportional representation verified the fact that democracy was not working in Weimar, Germany and kept repeating that it was the democrats who “stabbed them in the back.” Therefore, the failure of the Weimar government’s political system led the Germans to support Hitler and the Nazi party in such large numbers.

The fourth reason for the mass, sometimes hysterical support for the Nazi party was the huge propaganda barrage they exacted on the German people. They blamed one group, the Jews, who were responsible for everything- the economic collapse of Germany, hoarding all of Germany’s money and controlling their banks, owning all the major businesses destroying German ones, being bent on world domination. In the end, the Nazis brainwashed the German people by blaming problems on others and telling lies enough times to make them true in the people’s eyes Therefore, the huge propaganda barrage they exacted on the German people was the fourth reason for the Germans massive support for the Nazi party. In conclusion, the Nazi party oppressed the political, economic and social problems of the Weimar republic, allowing them to gain support of the German people.

The Nazi party promised to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles because of its unfair demands which caused many troubles. The Nazi party encouraged people dealing with depression and Hitler used his public speaking skills to gather the young population of Germany on his side. Hitler hated the democratic government system that included proportional representation which just wasn’t working and took a further step to change it which most of the Germans wanted to see. The Nazi party kept blaming the Jews and others for the troubles of the German nation to bring out all the anger and frustration that was inside the German nation and they wanted to spread their message as far out as they could, using posters, publishing newspapers, magazines and pamphlets.

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