Why Speak English Essay

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Why Speak English

English. What is English? English is a language spoken by the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England a long, long time ago. I speak English. Am I from England? Of course not, I am a Filipino. But why do I need to speak English?

They say English is the international language. Well, history reveals that Filipinos started speaking English when the Americans came to the country. They spoke American English. Anyway, American or English, they’re the same foreign language to my tongue.

So, why do I need to speak English? I have learned that communication is one of the best tools to obtaining progress and peace. At school, I am taught to speak English. I am fined whenever I speak in my tongue. Why is it so? It might be because the teachers want me to be fluent in the language. But, is fluency important? My guess is as good as yours. But, did I obtain peace? Yes, I did – I did not quarrel with the person who imposes the fine. Progress? Yes, I think because I have improved my fluency in speaking English.

Anyway, I think speaking more than one language will always be an advantage, and by default it has to be English, because it is the language almost everybody speaks. The Overseas Filipino Workers will be the first to tell us the importance of knowing the language. The fact that so many Filipinos are working and will be working abroad in the future, all schools should at least aim for fluency in English.

Second, communication is very important for self expressions. If in case, I don’t speak English it would be hard for me to have opportunities abroad. English is a strong language that most first & second world countries use for communication. In short, English is a door-opener. English increases my choices in life, in possibilities. I may not be lucky to have English as my mother tongue, but I am glad I study and speak English because I am understood by my foreign classmates.

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