Why Should You Work Hard Essay

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Why Should You Work Hard

Have you ever been jealous of someone who is more successful than you? Have you ever think about why could this happen? It is common that employees complain about their work situation, their picky boss, and their outstanding colleagues. In every area, there are several outstanding geniuses. They stay there, and it seems like they can never be surpassed. They are like myths. Have you ever considered why there has always been someone who seems like relax but better than you and stands there forever. However, grumble does not help.

Working harder than expectation is necessary for winning respect from others, making individuals valuable, and making an effort to build a stronger country. Losers never know the difference between them and individuals who are successful. Many of these persons hold the opinion that it is unnecessary to work very hard because when lucky arrives, they will success. Some of them keep purchasing for lottery, and they have the mentality of not doing anything but becoming millionaires (Brhel, n. d). However, do they really happy?

Landau (2011), a journalist of CNN, said that the lucky do become happier after they winning a numerous prize, but level off soon. Others think that they born with unlucky. One of my classmates complained about the condition of him a week ago. He said that quizzes were too much, he did not have a good foundation of English, and other students were so smart. However, he ignores the point that he does not pay enough attention in class, and it reflected on that he asks me about the assignments after class everyday. Obviously, he did not focus on what instructor said.

This attitude might cause failure in his study, even might bring negative influence to his career. Some of citizens criticize a number of celebrities who born with honor intensely. Anyone who comes from a famous family or a famous person gets a head start without making any effort. For instance, the children who were adopted by the movie star Angelina Jolie receive more attention from the public than normal citizens do. Later on we may learn there is nothing unusual about the children, but they are watched from the entire world because of their connections. That is true, and this situation can never be ignored.

However, the majority are still ordinary citizens who have to work hard. Thus, one who holds those inappropriate ideas should be denied. Some might suggest that we are required to work hard; as a result, we can be successful employees in different areas in the future. That is true, it is necessary that we work hard and obtain a good payment. However, it is not sufficient just work hard. If you just work hard, you might meet the requirement of teachers or bosses and your classmates or your colleagues might admire you because you are a good person, but you are still for from successful.

The reason is that you are in a limited environment where your colleagues are so normal. If you only compare with them, the result will be good, which you meet the requirements and surpass other colleagues. However, no one is going to remember you in the history because you did not bring any change for this company, and you did not do several contributions to this company. At last, you are same as everyone other ordinary employees, or you are one of them. Thus, one who wants to become an outstanding person might want work harder to fight for a better reputation.

Therefore, you might think about what to motivate you to become a successful person. It is so significant to win other’s respect in one’s life. One cannot leave without esteem. Further more, work harder is necessary for you to promote yourself. By work harder, you can dig your potential talent and improve your ability of working and dealing with problems. By working hard, you can make contribution to the country. In Obama’s impressive speech, he mentioned that many devices and inventories are created and a great number of literature masterpieces were written in the past.

What can we do to devote to the country? That is, work harder than others, make a high goal, and reach it. In conclusion, I would like to suggest that everyone not easily to satisfy with the situation, instead, work harder to meet your goal in your mind and gain respect from others and make an effort for the development of the country. Complaining, being arrogant, being shortsighted are enemies of becoming an outstanding person. Working hard might seems like hard to achieve, but if you keep pushing yourself, miracle might arrive.

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