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Why Should We Study Chemistry

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (487 words)
Categories: Chemistry, Medicine, Science
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Why should we study Chemistry? Well I’ll tell you why I think I would study Chemistry, why it’s so essential and essential to understand and comprehend. A couple reasons that are that I wish to become a medical professional in the future, I can see Chemistry in life, and I desire to make a distinction worldwide. Can’t you concur that Chemistry is all over you look, I would absolutely state so? Clearly, then we can see Chemistry in our day-to-day lives.

Simply stop and take a look around you sometime. Take a look at an automobile for instance, you vehicle runs of chemicals petroleum chemist developed. Those chemicals are utilized to produce the gasoline you would utilize to run a cars and truck and I see my parents use a car daily for needs like groceries or go to and from work. Chemistry remains in your medication, cleaning chemicals, and far more if you browse. Chemistry is actually all over.

In turn, I desire to make a distinction on the planet. Who understands perhaps I might find the treatment to a life threatening disease.

That could be anybody though, it’s your decision to in fact put effort and work for it. Chemist didn’t get where they are now not making the effort to get outcomes. Outcomes are essential, to put it in a different way state you discovered a chain reaction that simply may be the cure for an illness, that’s fantastic right? Now how do you understand it works? From the data and the results you receive from experimentation and conclusion. Someday, I might win a Nobel Reward or conserve thousands of lives from an incurable infection. In final factor to consider, I would like to be a Neurosurgeon in the future. I will require a large amount of aid from the science field. This will help me understand how chemicals will respond to a human being. For instance, my grandma needs to take a lot of aspirin when I went to her physician I asked why she needed to take a lot medication. My answer was clear, quick and to the point so essentially she was avoiding cardiac arrest by taking these small dosages of aspirin.

From what I understood the ingredients that make up the aspirin cause a reaction to reduce clotting factors. I was so intrigued to find all that out and I feel that I can see myself as a doctor. All things considered, like said I think you could agree chemistry is everywhere. I can see myself studying chemistry since it’s a completely necessary. Learning about chemistry is the only way I’ll be able to save a population from a life threatening disease, become a Neurosurgeon, I really see chemistry as a great opportunity opening your mind to new heights you could by no means fathom. Think Chemistry will improve your life; well I know it will for me that’s for sure.

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