Why Should We Go to War with Syria? Essay

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Why Should We Go to War with Syria?

Syria, a country located in the Middle East, has been run by a perilous man named Bashar al-Assad. He has been in power since the death of his father, named Hafez al-Assad, since June 20, 2000. Bashar was elected in a public referendum and won 97 percent of the vote and was chosen for a seven year term. Still till this day he still runs the lives of those who wish to dethrone him. Also, he was selected to be the leader of the Ba’ath Party and as well commander in chief of the military. This country has been in war with itself for the past eleven years because of the government not wanting to work with its people. On August 21, 2013 the Assad regime used chemical weapons towards its own people. Thousands laid dead on the ground which included children, men, and woman. This concluded in the deaths of up to a thousand innocent people. That is why the U.S should get involved because if no one does not take immediate action, it will lead Assad to do the same thing over again and lives of many innocent children will be taken away. Although some people don’t think war is the answer, they have to rationally think and understand that our national security is at risk if we don’t act to immediately.

Some citizens of the United States dissent with the statements Obama has made these past certain days and some do acknowledge that fact that we have to help these civilians, but we still have those who are undecided. In his speech President Obama stated,” Tyrants won’t think twice about using chemical weapons themselves unless we are to interfere.” It is important for us to take immediate action in order for Assad to understand that we are not playing games. If the U.S were to let the Syrian government abscond, there will be no doubt that he will try to do the same thing again with his people. That is why we should take a military strike against Syria in order for them to understand that we won’t abide the use of chemical weapons. We as the United States of America should be aware that this is a huge threat to our national security. The security of countries such as Jordan, Turkey, and Israel, are as well at risk. If President Barack Obama decides to not take action in this important issue, it will lead to other nations to do the same thing. This violates the treaty called the Chemical Weapons Convention. It is something that should not be broken and tolerated due to the securities of all nations. The CWC is a multilateral treaty that bans the
use of chemical weapons as a form of warfare. It also prohibits the development of chemical weapons. Syria has violated all of these terms which resulted in the deaths of many Syrians. The people of Syria need our help to establish a better government that will secure the rights of the poor not just the rich. Also, a government that will do the anything to protect the lives of the citizens. Those who oppose taking action have to consider that Syria is not economically stabilized. The Syrian government has not done much to help the poor prosper. Only the rich are the ones who prosper under this regime. The Assad government has to fathom that the people need their help in order to construct a better future for them. The children are the ones who are being killed and they are the ones who hold the future in their hands. If the U.S were to help, with the consent of the American people and congress many Syrians’ lives will be saved by the thousands. The lives of many Syrians are at risk every day, and someone has to stand up against these injustices. The people of Syria have done much to try to overthrow this government but nothing seems to happen. The U.S being a powerful nation can help the Syrians combat this government in order to obtain a better future for themselves and the country they live in. The people of America need to wake up and agree with the terms President Obama has said and go to war.

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