Why Should High School Students Wear Uniforms?

It can be traced to 1910 that students started to wear uniforms in Taiwan. During the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese government in order to help people build a healthy body, the government combined physical education with the school subject. In addition, the sailor uniform started to catch on in Japan in the 1920s because policies of Westernization so it was also adopted in some schools in Taiwan. (http://culture.teldap.tw/culture/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=156:lives-and-cultures&id=2257:clothing-styles-in-taipei-in-the-1930s&Itemid=210)

In recent years, more and more students have negative opinions about whether high school students should wear school uniforms.

People who disapprove to wear uniform think that wearing uniforms deprives their rights of choosing what to wear, they eager to wearing something casual and cozy. (https://www.shs.edu.tw/works/essay/2009/11/2009111511333508.pdf.)
On the other hand, people who support to wear uniform think that uniform is a symbol of unity, image, and belongingness.

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Moreover, wearing a school uniform could not show the gap between the wealthy and the poor because everyone wears the same clothes.

I support high school students to wear uniforms because of the following reasons. First of all, wearing a uniform saves lots of money and time because students don’t have to worry about what to wear every morning. Besides, they only have to prepare several suits for school uniforms, and they can wear it for a few years to reduce the spending on clothes greatly.

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(https://www.hkedcity.net/eworks/zh-hant/detail?work_id=584e36e7d65ee12f2b3c986b)Secondly, Wearing school uniforms can let students more unity, and also enhance the cohesion of everyone through the same school uniforms. (https://www.shs.edu.tw/works/essay/2016/11/2016111317154649.pdf)Last but not least, schools can use school uniforms to distinguish students from other people. If students wear different clothes, it will be hard to tell which ones are students and which ones are from outside of school. It is difficult to ensure the safety of students. Furthermore, if something happens on the way home, they can easily identify student ID number and contact the school immediately.

(https://www.shs.edu.tw/works/essay/2015/10/2015103118225124.pdf) Wearing casual clothes is more comfortable than wearing a school uniform; however, concerning the issues of safety and convenience, wearing school uniforms is better. Additionally, students who support wearing uniforms are actually the majority. The questionnaire shows that there are 69% of students think that we should wear a uniform to school, and the rest of the 31% do not think so. ( https://www.shs.edu.tw/works/essay/2009/11/2009111511333508.pdf)

So, if most of the students support, we should respect their opinions.

On the contrary, students who disapprove to wear uniform think that uniform is a symbol of authority (http://www.chwa.com.tw/newciv/news/temp/201664095649.pdf)Therefore, to resist the authority, they must oppose wearing uniforms. However, if students think that wearing a uniform is a symbol of authority, then how about those Olympians who wear a national uniform? Did Olympians think that uniform is a symbol of authority? No, Olympians all think that wearing uniform represent their country, they feel proud of that. (https://www.thenewslens.com/article/100297)Additionally, students who disapprove to wear uniform argue that wearing uniforms kills creativity; it limits our freedom of personal expression. Everyone would look the same and you can’t tell how that person really is by what they are wearing. Nevertheless, a girl from South America, said: “Our school shirt is very big even the smallest size, which does not fit me, so I just proved it to my body size. Also, I added some little colorful sequin on the collar to make me look better. The school uniform gives me imagining space to create my own style uniform.” This example show that the uniform will not decrease or kill students’ creativity, on the other hand, it helps students to develop their creative skills in clothing, also give new chance to students creative thinking, ( http://uiszopinionmatters.blogspot.com/2015/03/do-school-uniforms-really-kill.html)

In 2007, researchers from Oxford Brookes University ran a series of focus groups with students aged 13–17 to uncover their opinions around wearing a uniform. Feedback from the teenagers revealed that the same dress code meant they didn’t have to decide what to wear every day or worry about whether they would be bullied or criticized by their peers. The study also found that a uniform promotes commonality among pupils, improves concentration, and fosters a sense of pride, especially when they wear it in public. ( http://cwb-online.co/schoolwear-association-dressed-for-success/)

On top of that, Dr. Barbie Clarke, child, and adolescent psychosocial development expert led the research with the students. She said that some important conclusions could be drawn from the study and that school uniforms may have significant benefits for the wellbeing of young people. “School uniform seems to play an important role in establishing identity among young people of this age,” she said. “It can protect adolescents from being picked on or being the subject of banter that verges on bullying. This creates a greater degree of self-confidence, and ultimately helps with the fundamental adolescent need to be accepted by others.” (https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/school-uniform-is-important)

Wearing uniforms has a whole lot of advantages. For instance, it can not only saves lots of money and time but also more safety and convenience. What’s more, the study shows that a uniform promotes commonality among pupils, improves concentration, and fosters a sense of pride, and child and adolescent psychosocial development experts also think that school uniforms may have significant benefits for the wellbeing of young people. According to the above examples, high school students should wear uniforms.

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Why Should High School Students Wear Uniforms?

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