Why Shopping Malls are So Popular

Over the past decade Americans have increased their spending in e-commerce by more then $100 billion. Plus how convenient and time saving the online shopping could be. Many people like to check the material of items their buying and have multiple facilities. For other the like to spend time with their beloved ones. They can find many benefits of shopping in the mall.

To begin with Shopping in the mall give you the chance to try the item you looking for. Also check the fabric and the size that fits you.

As well as seek help from the salesman, that can suggest different colors and designs you may not expect that can go with your look. Others use it as plan B in case you forget to give a gift you can just go and grab it from the nearest one. For example studies shown that shopping triggers the pleasure centers inside the brain and give a rush to happy hormone dopamine.

Shopping with bargaining naught look tiring, but the feeling of winning the bid is ultimate. People feel more content when they try the fit and buy the thing the genuinely loved.

In addition to, some people spend fun time with their beloved one. Shopping mall nowadays do not rely on shopping alone in fact, the focus has been shifted on creating more entertainment recreational activities , such events to appeal to the youth as well as to the kids. To illustrate malls offer culinary cuisine where you enjoy launch break or family dinner.

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Playground for families with kids so they can let them play and enjoy along discussions, talking about what’s new in their life’s and share the latest news and gossips Besides it has cinemas with the latest movies where you can benefit of a great Saturday night friends and colleagues, instead of going from place to place In the bad weather that most people don’t like it .

Furthermore malls have variety of facilities. It considered one-stop shop with availability of parking lot that most of the shoppers see it necessity and time saving. Can you imagine buying a tv; a-phone; pizza; jewelry and competitor high end brands next to each other, all under one roof. Moreover, the other day one of our friend didn’t want to join us to shoppe for the holiday sales that the mall next to my house was offering. And he give us an excuse, that he can’t stand in the long and crowded line. Instead, he want to shop in the Main Street. After 3 hours of looking around for parking that he couldn’t find, he end up coming to the mall with his exhausted face and sweaty shirt; Saying that it was wrong mistake and waste of time.. Shopping mall is concentrated commerce, you can shop around on foot rather then drive across town.;

However, the advantage of shopping in the mall are to many, and so many people prefer to hangout spend time in it. But with the competition of online and fast paced life that we living in the may disappeared.

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