Why robots are bad?

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Imagine you walk into your work, the same place you’ve worked at for 8 whole years, and your boss says to you’ve been replaced. You’re in shock and you only just manage to ask, “but by who?”. “By the new guy, Wally, “But how?” you ask, he’s only been here for a year and he always steals pen “No No No. Wall-E THE ROBOT”.  Most people think that robots are cool, but trust me there bad. Here are three reasons why I thoroughly believe why robots are bad.

Lawyers, doctors, Teachers, builders. GONE. These jobs and many more will be gone if we allow robots to take over. Robots are set to take over almost half of our all our jobs, all 5 billion of them. Remember those new shoes you were going to get, gone because your parents won’t have a job to pay for it. You think that’s bad? Well if that’s only a mere 10 years away, imagine what will happen in 20 years? What if the whole country goes bankrupt?

Imagine, walking down the street and then, out of nowhere a robot comes out and tackles you to the ground.

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You are probably thinking that there’s no way that a robot could harm us, but what if a robot goes rogue and decides to attack us? It’s in all of the movies, so there no way it could actually happen, right? Wrong. Elon Musk, the creator of multi-billion dollar companies

SpaceX and Tesla has publicly stated that it’s not if but when robots will attack.

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If you’re still not convinced, robots have already started attacking us.

For example, November last year, when a robot smashed into a man in china, hospitalising him, what about when a robot vacuum sucked up a woman’s hair in Korea.

Imagine, you wake up, Wally goes and gets your toothbrush, he makes your breakfast, gets your clothes, orders some shoes and even does your homework! All this, without you having to move an inch. Sounds great right? Once again, wrong. Imagine doing that every single day of the year, and not moving once. If one-third of New Zealanders are obese, imagine how many there will be after we let robots do everything for us. Obesity can lead to fatal diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart conditions and even blood clots. Are robots really worth that? I don’t think so.

The reality is, that robots are more if a terminator than a r2-d2. So there you go, it’s better to do your own cleaning, do your own work, drive your own car, unless you want a robot attacking you.

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Why robots are bad?

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