Why Reading and Writing Matter

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Words fascinate me. The way in which something so simple yet incredibly manifest can intertwine with others of its kind to form a medium of expression has always had me immersed in profound thoughts. It perplexes me to contemplate how the very tongue or text that is able to lure one through its sweet and simply enchanting words is also able to leave scars deeper than the depth of the world’s greatest oceans. This art as I describe it inhibits the uttermost power ever to have existed on this planet, a power that is owned by all.

The ability to use these words to express feelings, emotions, and behaviors in a charismatically heartfelt method that resonates with many is a potential I have forever aspired to possess.

Five years ago, when I was 10, a bracelet caught my attention as I strolled around a local store. Its locket of a spherical shape shone so ever brightly as the rays of the sun touched its golden surface.

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However, to my surprise, as the rays of the sun hit the locket, the phrase “I love you” appeared against a solid colored surface in 100 different languages. I recollect myself being so astonished to see words all stating one thing “I love you,” but all in languages that were different. It then came to my realization what a powerful statement “I love you” is. Three simple words with a wealth of meaning behind them can be the most impactful words a parent can say to a child, a friend can say to his or her friend, and a lover can say to an individual that means the most to him or her.

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This bracelet allowed me to contemplate over the power of words and how they are able to bind so perfectly to form a statement an individual can long to hear or can create statements that are able to cut sharper than a sword. To this date, I vividly recollect how this simple piece of accessory had sparked my love for writing, to create literature that allowed other individuals to ponder over the power of words. Over the years, my work has been published in school publications as well as I continue to learn and enjoy this amazing gift by attending creative writing workshops at my school. In addition, I have also participated in the Canadian I Read 100 Books Challenge, and the Red Maple, Silverbirch, and White Pine literature programs.

Because of this, I am most interested in Fiction Workshop: Writing Short Stories and The Personal Essay: The Art of Narrating the Self offered at Harvard’s Pre-college Summer Program. Bestowed the incredible opportunity to enroll in any of these courses, I will take the learning experience gained through these opportunities as a jumpstart to achieving my aspiration of becoming an author that is able to inspire one with words. As Harper Lee stated in simplistic terms “The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one which makes you think.” As I spent my last two summers volunteering at my local library and studying Punjabi, this year I wish to work on art I have an incredible passion for – writing. Above all, I do not only desire to learn from the best, but I wish to learn amongst individuals who are also driven by the same passion I have for writing.

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