Why Pollution is a Huge Problem in Our Environment

What is pollution and why is it a huge problem in our environment? What can it effect and why does it affect it?How can we prevent pollution from continuing to happen? These are the questions we all should be asking.

Pollution is the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects and a Pollutant is a substance that pollutes something, especially water or the atmosphere. Pollution is a huge problem in the environment because “it may cause damage to crops, animals, forests, and bodies of water” this is a key detail that illustrates how pollution can affect every single one of these things.

Another reason why pollution is bad for the environment is “ the formation of acid rain, which harms trees, soils, rivers, and wildlife” this demonstrates that the acid from the pollution harms wildlife and nature. Also “Pollutants damage the quality of air, water, and land” this shows that pollutants are reasons for why the environment is changing in a negative way and being harmed.

These are something that are being are being harmed in the environment everyday because of pollution.

The current status of air pollution is continuing to harm people’s health and the environment. The types of Pollutions that are still happening today are Water Pollution, Air pollution, Soil Pollution, Thermal Pollution, Radioactive Pollution, Noise Pollution, and Light Pollution. Water pollution is contamination of bodies of water and it can affect every level of the ecosystem.

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Air Pollution is contaminated with poisonous gases and particles. It can cause problems to human health and the atmosphere. Soil Pollution is when the soil is contaminated and has nutrients that are taken away from the soil and can also causes plants to have higher amounts of pollution. Thermal Pollution releases heat and can take a role in Global Warming. Radioactive Pollution comes from the nuclear power industry and it can cause mutative diseases in living organisms. Noise Pollution is unpleasant sounds and can cause high stress levels, depression,hearing loss, and etc. Light Pollution is the brightening of the night sky caused by street lights and other man-made sources, which has a disruptive effect on natural cycles and inhibits the observation of stars and planets. It can cause stress, anxiety, and can also the ecosystem by confusing animal navigation.

Somethings that are currently being done to prevent pollution is cleaning the contaminated soil and water with technologies. The cost of cleaning the contaminated area depends on the contaminants and the size of the contaminated area. Another thing that is being done to prevent pollution is when Boyan Slat launches his garbage-collecting booms from San Francisco on Sept. 8 for a series of trials. His booms collected about half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in only five years and they still continue to clean up the ocean for the better. Somethings that were done to fix pollution in the past that did not work was when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) broke a promise to stop stormwater pollution. It did not work because green infrastructure was cost-effective.

My plan to prevent pollution from happening or to decrease the possibilities is to create a machine that filters dirty air into clean air. This will allow humans and other living organisms to breathe fresh clean air. This machine will prevent air pollution, as well as health issues. We can also built a machine that is waterproof to go in the ocean and collect trash and things that can be recycled. The cost for both of these solutions will depend on the area and other things but I think it will be around $75,500.

Overall, Pollution is a huge problem in our environment because it cause health issues, contamination, harms living organism, and etc. Everyone has the ability to make our environment a better place and we all should really think about what we are doing to mother nature and start making a difference in the way we live our everyday lives.

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