Why Online Learning is Necessary and the Possibilities of Virtual Education

Virtual education is a result of the information society in which we live, and is therefore the gateway to all those people who for various reasons have left their studies or have not had access to education. Open the possibilities of educating without borders, is to understand that society has made great progress in his arduous journey in literacy. In my mind, online learning is necessary for humans due to it relieves and increases a method to deepen skills. According to the New York Times, more than 500,000 American children take online classes (1).

Although online classes have been available for a few decades, the number of students taking them is increasing rapidly. This era that people are now living in has been nicknamed the “digital age.” Taking an online class is a remarkable way for a student to keep up with their studies. However some opposers say that online classes will take the place of teachers. That will never be factual because teachers are very valuable to students and an online classroom could never take the place of a real one.

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Also, only a handful of those half a million children get all of their schooling from only classes that are online.

There is a significant advantage for the student who learns online. Online education helps student to increase and develop critical thinking and reading skills. In well-designed virtual courses, students cannot passively sit through lectures and answer questions with common sense as they do in class. These courses require students to follow directions carefully and take ownership for their own learning.

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The majority of online classes require a significant amount of reading, both within the content of the course and within the course instructions.

Every student has a unique learning style. One important aspect is how students recognize their learning style and what impact it has on learning (2). Based on what Coffield (2004) said about it he says that students can develop auto-conscientious through online learning and makes student increases strengths and weakness by the learning style they have chosen or mix any learning style to improve knowledge and get over any obstacle they can have during the process of learning. By choosing any styles students will make capable of develop beyond the have in front of. They will enhance their knowledge and they will think in another way having a critical thinking.

In conclusion, education online constitutes an important element for self-instruction and the independent study; however we cannot conclude that it is an indispensable modality nowadays. Education online or e-learning is an alternative that can use to incorporate and maintain our skills deeper. It is important to focus on the awareness of students of learning styles. Everyone should be encouraged to take any learning style and see the results through time.


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