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Why Not To Carry A Gun Essay

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Too often do we hear about people accidentally shooting their family members, and parents committing a family massacre. Even when people buy guns for the best of reasons, somewhere down the road, it goes terribly wrong. Guns cause nothing but harm, and should only be used by policemen. Guns being used by regular people have caused guns to fall into the wrong hands, be used against its owner, give a false sense of confidence, and be used against the wrong person, therefore I refuse to contribute to the problem.

When being attacked a gun could easily fall into the hands of the attacker. In the story, “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries A Gun” written by Linda A. Hasselstrom, the main character talks about making men get off of her property by the sight of a pistol. She also says that one of the guys was so close to her that he was a few inches away from her face.

In present times if someone of more strength is that close to you, it is just too easy to wrestle a gun away from someone. Then next thing you know, you are begging for you rlife. Pulling a gun on your attacker is just too risky.

When the gun is turned against its owner, the situation usually turns fatal. There are just too many cases of owners being killed by their own weapons. This reasoning once again applies to “A Peaceful Woman…” It seems that the main character almost purposely gets herself into these situations, to try and prove the pwer of her gun, which seems to be a popular thing among may people. One too many times this power gets turned on the owner, because the owner was cocky, and let their guard down, and in the end there goes another life.

When a person has a gun in their hands, it gives them a false sense of confidence. When a person has a gun in their hand they feel that they have all the power. There have been many cases where a person shoots and kills someone just for saying something mean or being connected to an enemy. For example, a close friend of mine in high school, had a friend who was pregnant by her gang member boyfriend. One day she was in front of her house, when someone from a rival gang, drove by and shot her. Needless to say, she did not live. Tragedies like this happen all the time because it is so easy for anybody to get their hands on a gun.

It seems many times that guns are used against the wrong people, such as friends and loved ones. A prime example, is the mistake that my fiancee made almost eight years ago when he was only 18 years old. Him and his best friend were at his uncle’s house for a get together. While he was downstairs his friend was upstairs playing around with a gun. When his friend, found a bullet, he decided to play russian roulette, not only with his life, but the life of my fiancee as well. When my fiancee entered the room, his friend pulled the trigger, but it was an empty shot, although his friend was not so lucky. His friend gave him the gun, and he wound up killing his friend. My fiancee went to jail for a year and was on probation for five years. The gun caused nothing but problems.

No one should be allowed to carry a gun, but they are, so I am taking a stand by refusing to carry one. I have seen and heard too many tragedies to ever be entised by a gun. I may be one of the few people who feel this way, but it keeps me alive, and that’s what matters.

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