Why my family is important Essay

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Why my family is important

Together with family, household is considered one of the basic groups of social aggregation. Information on household numbers and composition aids in identifying groups within the population such as Indigenous households or the number of people living alone.

For the Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement (CSHA) data collections, the number of tenancy agreements is a practical proxy for calculating the number of households receiving housing assistance.

The persons in the group may pool their incomes and have a common budget to a greater or lesser extent: they may be related or unrelated persons, or a combination of both.

Only usual residents of the household are included as members of the household. Visitors to a household are, by definition, excluded from the household.

‘Blood is always thicker than water’. I learnt that phrase when I was much younger, but I never appreciated it until now. My brother was the only one who stood by me when I was being bullied in school at one time. He saw me cornered by a boy whom he knew to be a school bully and he did not wait a second more before stepping in to prevent me from being beaten by that boy. Once I quarrelled with my best friend, who was popular and everyone else was against me for quarrelling with him. My parents consoled me and encouraged me to be happier. They gave me the sound advice of believing in myself. I cannot thank them enough for the support that they have given me so far. My parents are also responsible for my love of learning in life. They make me feel intelligent and well-loved. I know that I am someone important to them.

My family will always be there for me while friends are transient. After so many experiences with friends, I realise that I can always choose my friends. It also takes a long time to find a sincere and true friend. With family, it is different because my family cares for me no matter what happens. My brother and I may have our differences but we always manage to make matters work somehow.

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