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Why Learning to Write in College Is Important

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (412 words)
Categories: College, College Education, Improving Writing Skills, Writing
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College-level writing is important because it is a way to layout your thoughts, to contribute to discussions and while it trains students to do research in support of their own points, it also inspires them to recognize the importance of in-depth layout of proof in the writing of others. In the same way, while the training for analysis of essays and writing summaries, students can use critical thinking to truly grasp the implications of what is being presented.

These skills are highly applicable outside of school in the information age we are currently in so that readers can truly grasp what is being said by a writer and avoid unwittingly consuming misinformation.

Ultimately, high school and college students are preparing for different kinds of situations in their near futures. At the high school level, the author of the book, Patrick Sullivan, states, students are usually at an in a different place developmentally from college students and as such, they can have more variety and experiment more than college students who are preparing to enter the structured world of work or research assignments, which is why there is so much focus on essay writing in college.

While there are forums and conferences for both high school and college teachers to confer among themselves and talk about their experiences, there is a need for the two exclusive groups to meet. With discussion, hopefully, comes the changing of minds and presentations of what actually goes on in these two environments in order to eradicate archaic opinions and the further spreading of biases. Often, the very level of education going on in the high school and how it differs from the college classroom is one of the major problem causing factors because high school teachers are seen to have an easier job and so are judged when the fault lies with the inconveniences caused by the fixed nature of high school classes in order to apply them to every student.

I would say one disagreement I have with this article is the ending where the call for higher amounts of dialogue is placed on the teachers. As stated in my summary, the author of the book which this article is based upon says that high school teachers often feel judged by their college-level peers. Thus, the former might not be keen to discuss the shortcomings of the current systems. As such, it should be the higher-ups who overlook both groups who initiate this kind of conversation.

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